Thursday, January 25, 2007

ares discovered

This is so cool!! I've been looking for a program to replace LimeWire like, forever, 'coz since last time it always had the problem of refusing to connect sometimes, and this no connection thing has been really pissing me off since that earthquake thing. Now I have found my replacement: Ares! After downloading many crappy mp3 search programs that look exactly like LimeWire but with a different name, finally my sis got Ares which was recommended by her friend. I actually heard about it, but don't know why I didn't try downloading it first, would've saved me so much time, guh. And it actually works! Faster than LimeWire! And it can download movies too! I managed to download Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan (I just love that superlong title... XD) in less than two days. Wheee! But then I tried to download The Prestige and found that uTorrent is still more consistent for torrents. Oh well. Nothing's perfect.

Yeah, yeah, I'm geeky about this stuff. Humor me and my random rambling.

Btw, I now know why Borat isn't showing around here... Let's just say its really... urm... 18 SX or 18 PL or whatever sh!t they call it. The good ol' dusty, musty government just can't handle it. But it's good stuff. Simply hilarious!!

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