Friday, January 12, 2007

food & pain

Wednesday I went for lunch with my classmates (and they all blogged about it), so... erm.... here's my pics and comments cos I have to blog about it too. XD

The restaurant is just near my college, looks posh on the outside but slightly less so on the inside. And the funny thing is, I'm not really sure what the name of the restaurant is even after a long lunch there. haha... Anyway, this is the place......

.... and this is what I had for lunch. Spaghetti Salsa! (btw mich, why can't you center the food in the photo la.... taking pics all the time kononnya... ish... kekeke...)

And after this lunch, we have all come to the obvious conclusion that the food there is kinda expensive. I mean, my spaghetti was pretty darn nice, but not RM 16.90 nice, lordy. Sheesh. Well, there goes their TARC student customer base. *shakes head* So, people, go only if you've got a lot of cash to spare, ya?

Now for an update on my current well-being.... I'm in pain!! PAIN!! My neck and shoulders hurt so bad..... *sniff sniff* I must have slept real funny 2 days ago, my neck hurt yesterday and it still hurts today. *sniff sniff* That yoko yoko stuff didn't work either.... Someone help me! =(

JT and Diaz have finally confirmed their split.... Maybe I should pack my bags and chase after JT..... Now that would take my mind off my stupid pained neck & shoulders. *heehee*


hooipeng said...

ppl split "kuan lu hamishu"? sumore say wanna pack ur thing and chase after HIM(Justin), dun make me laugh until pengsan lar...

wake up d la... think about the psa better...!!! dun come out with lame idea...!!!

chaoz(i know how to use this word d)
buahahahahahahahahahahaha=D-BIG BIRD

nuclear said...

ahahhaha!!! i sengaja tak pic senget wan ok..its uniqueee~~~~ u know..ehhehehe... =P