Wednesday, January 3, 2007

numero uno

Ok... so this is frEsh's 1st ever blog and 1st ever post. Yay. Well.... at least I'm doing something to celebrate the new year. Life is short and we should all waste our short life blogging.

I've resisted blogging so far because I don't really see the point.... It's not like I'm going to spill my guts on a blog anyway, so what's the point? Erm... so now I've started this blog because.... I'm so bored.... It's the middle of the night now and I have totally no mood to do my shiteous assignment.... and there is no one for me to disturb.... SIEN!! 0_O I'm such a sad person, no?

So now I'm going to officially launch my blog at a nice, auspicious time.... 3:03 a.m. on 3 January 2007. Whoopee. Happy new year to whoever finds this blog first.


denise said...

i found it! i found it! haha. denise here btw. denise who? denise from union k. ish.
as u can see i waste my time reading watever blog i can find. mouliu, i know. bah.

happie new year to u too. hey mayb can meet up in pg some time? looonng time no see.
finals coming rite? ...argh! all the best.

ps.hope there wil b a numero due =D

nuclear said...

freshie~~~ the new blogger~~ hahhaha...update lar. update wutever u want. wanna crap wut oso just crap cuz there's sure suomeone sumwhere gonna read me! cuz i crap too. gonna link u to my blog. ^^