Tuesday, February 13, 2007

random blah

Bleh. There's Valentine's Day tomorrow, and CNY in a few days time, but I don't feel anything. No festive mood, 'love is in the air' crap, nothing. The only clue I get around here that tomorrow's Valentine's day is the ads for sappy lovey movies on TV. And I still feel like CNY is weeks away, and I could continue feeling like that if I didn't need to do spring cleaning on the house now. =.= No fun, that. It was all a lot more fun when I was a kid, all I needed to do was give big smiles and receive ang pows. *sigh*

So I usually slack off the house cleaning at night, because I have to watch TV. :D Yesterday nite was the Grammys, which I watch because Justin Timberlake's performing. And now I'm so jealous, I wanna jump in the Great River of Jealousy. JT performed 'What Goes Around...' early in the ceremony, but later some lucky gal got to perform onstage with him in a 'My Grammy Moment' thing, where people audition and you get to vote who gets to perform with JT. I'm so jealous of that girl. She gets to boogie on the Grammy stage with JT and T.I. Eeek!! I'd audition too, except my singing is about as good as a waxed duck... and I'm not a U.S. citizen. Fuhh!! And I'm also a bit peeved that 'Album of the Year' was won by some old ladies instead of Justin. Booooo. I would've even been happy if John Mayer won or something, but the Dixie Chicks?! Blehhh. Oh whatever.

Friday, February 9, 2007

dream on

OK, this has been amusing and exasperating me for a while, so naturally I have to blog (though it's really none of my business anyway). :D

Couple of days ago, I was reading The Star and this little headline caught my attention: "Siti Nurhaliza gets Grammy Invite". And then I was like, "?! Since when was she so famous?" And it turns out... she actually won the tickets, and StarWorld even had to write to the Grammy people to ask them to let Siti walk down the red carpet, and now some designer dude is going to make a "spectacular" kebaya for her to wear, using Chanel cloth Siti bought from London. And some bigshot of Star TV, Nini Yusof, says that if Siti’s dress stood out, “she might attract the international paparazzi. We are giving her the platform as she is a big icon in this part of the world.”

Now, I don't hate Siti or anything, she's likable and talented enough. But this thing really makes me wanna laugh, seriously. Its like they expect the paparazzi to gasp, snap 3 zillion photos, and totally fall over themselves when they see Siti walking down the red carpet. And from that moment on, Siti and Malaysia will be superly famous. However, I think something totally different is gonna happen:

*Siti and Datuk K come out of itty bitty limo, walk gracefully down red carpet while smiling.*

Paparazzi A: *snapsnapsnap* Oi kawan, who's that behind Britney Spears?
Paparazzi B: *snapsnapsnap* Dunno, but who cares?! Here comes Madonna man!! Woi Madonna, LOOK OVER HERE!! *snapsnapsnap*

*Siti and Datuk K kena seriously PWNed to one side.*

Yeah, that's more like it. Seriously, paparazzi just don't take photos of people they don't know just because they got a nice dress, especially when you're gonna get the biggest stars in music that night (unless the dress is made out of condoms or something). And the article says Siti got Chanel cloth from London, very holiao meh?? Sheesh. And we don't even know how this supposedly fantastic kebaya is gonna look like yet anyway. Last time when Siti got married, her top-secret wedding dress was supposedly spectacular too, but I thought it violated at least 50 fashion rules and was a complete disaster. Nice dress = instant fame, huh? Dream on lah, people.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

no babies, thanks

Whew... my exam is finally over, which means I can start wasting time blogging again. :P

So, seeing Mich posting about her baby cousin got me thinking: Why do I not like babies? Everyone's busy squeeing about the baby except me. =.= Actually, I don't like anyone under 4 ft tall. Hehe. I'm trying to remember a time when I actually liked babies and little kids, but my mind is blank. Hmm...

Maybe it all started when I was young. When my sis was born, I was about 3 1/2 yrs old. My mum used to ask me to carry my sis while she went to prepare milk or something. Every time I carried my sis, she would scream bloody hell, and I would panic like sh!t. Hey, I was young myself, k. Later when she was, like, 3 or 4, she punched me in the eye. Lovely. And then there's this cousin of mine, whom I can't remember how old she is exactly. A few years ago when she was about 3 or 4 (i think), she came to my house for CNY. At that time, my anti-baby thing wasn't that teruk, so I was actually considering thinking about small people nicely. Then she came up to me, and grabbed my hand... and bended my fingers backwards. She was smiling happily the whole time. And this wasn't the 'baby play with fingers' type of bend, it was the 'Mike Tyson is really pissed off' type of bend. Very nice.

Small people also waste tall people's time and energy. All they do the whole day is cry, poop, eat, sleep. Repeat. Then you have to clear up after them. And what's the deal with babies' cuteness? The moment you finish saying, "Aiyoo, so chubi!!!" while holding the baby up, he/she pukes milk/pees/poops on you. I don't know about you, but I really don't like seeing the insides of a baby all over me, thank you very much. Besides, their cuteness goes away, you know. Just look at this:

Aiyoo, so chubi!!


Holy sh!t! Potato nose!!

See, I have proof. No babies for me, thanks.

(Btw, I like cute stuff too. Just not babies. This is what I call cute. :D)

Thursday, February 1, 2007


Yay!! After months of waiting (=.=), Heroes finally started on StarWorld yesterday. I've been waiting for StarWorld to show it since its US premiere in September - it's like, one of the biggest TV shows around there now. The story is about normal people who suddenly wake up with powers. They're found all over the world, and they have different types of powers like the ability to read minds, stop time, see the future, stuff like that. And they're all kinda creepily connected. There's even a kinda cute guy in a dark, moody and mysterious way in there: Peter Petrelli, played by Milo Ventimiglia. This I like. *heehee* I'm itching to cut his hair, though, its a bit long and samseng-ish. But then again, I don't mind a pai kia type. Haha.

Still, because I am a big geek, my favourite show is still CSI:NY, and I still like Danny Messer (Carmine Giovinazzo) the most. XD XD But while I'm sitting here gathering dust, waiting for Season 3 of CSI:NY to start, at least I have something nice to watch. Can't wait for next week's episode! Wheeeee!!