Tuesday, February 13, 2007

random blah

Bleh. There's Valentine's Day tomorrow, and CNY in a few days time, but I don't feel anything. No festive mood, 'love is in the air' crap, nothing. The only clue I get around here that tomorrow's Valentine's day is the ads for sappy lovey movies on TV. And I still feel like CNY is weeks away, and I could continue feeling like that if I didn't need to do spring cleaning on the house now. =.= No fun, that. It was all a lot more fun when I was a kid, all I needed to do was give big smiles and receive ang pows. *sigh*

So I usually slack off the house cleaning at night, because I have to watch TV. :D Yesterday nite was the Grammys, which I watch because Justin Timberlake's performing. And now I'm so jealous, I wanna jump in the Great River of Jealousy. JT performed 'What Goes Around...' early in the ceremony, but later some lucky gal got to perform onstage with him in a 'My Grammy Moment' thing, where people audition and you get to vote who gets to perform with JT. I'm so jealous of that girl. She gets to boogie on the Grammy stage with JT and T.I. Eeek!! I'd audition too, except my singing is about as good as a waxed duck... and I'm not a U.S. citizen. Fuhh!! And I'm also a bit peeved that 'Album of the Year' was won by some old ladies instead of Justin. Booooo. I would've even been happy if John Mayer won or something, but the Dixie Chicks?! Blehhh. Oh whatever.


nuclear said...

ahhah..i oso felt dat cny is weeks away, but actually its this comin sunday!! n i havent clean my room..macam tong sampah..ahha!!


nuclear said...

y no update? everyday oso i check ur blog but onli dissapointment..sigh.. u better update larr..ish.. *whack*