Friday, March 2, 2007

a long break

Bleaaargghh.... holidays are almost over. CNY is almost over too. Which means... I'm gonna have to go study again... :( I want longer holidays!!

The holidays and CNY made me feel real lazy... lazy enough to not blog for more than 2 weeks. *g* CNY was, as usual, nothing really special for me, just a time when my house is suddenly very bright and red...

...and I drink lots of shandy and eat lots of fishballs, prawnballs, chickenballs and whatever else people eat when steamboat-ing. Most of CNY I was just sleeping, watching TV, going online, eating and sitting around. Probably the most interesting thing that happened during New Year is that I got to go to the revolving restaurant at City Bayview for the first time in... uh.... about 10 years. (!) Yah. My aunt and her family came back from JB and wanted to go there after the reunion dinner, so my uncle belanja my family too. XD And there...

...I had my first ever alcoholic cocktail - a Pina Colada! Hahahaha.... Don't laugh at me la. *paiseh*

One weird thing about this CNY is that I noticed the number of mosquitoes and ants in my house suddenly increased. I've too many mosquito bites on me to even know where they're located now. =.= Really annoying. I hope they die horrible deaths or go away real soon.

I'm so bored now. I think I'll just go sleep or something.

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