Sunday, March 11, 2007


It's been one week since my last semester in college started, and nothing much has happened, still slacking on some society stuff that I'm supposed to do and trying to decide on what to do for my last assignments. Only in mass comm can you get assignments where you have to analyse movies or books. :D Finally I can say I have to watch movies for the sake of research. So I happily run off to buy a copy of Babel to see if we could use that movie, only I unluckily ended up with some doofy half-transparent DVD. Geez. So I'm going to exchange it tomorrow.

But on to the real scam now. You know how nowadays there are many cases where people get SMSes about winning some contests, and the bad guys trick them into giving away their bank account and PIN numbers or transferring their money away? Yeah, my dad got 1 of those today, saying his SIM card won RM 10,000 in some Petronas contest, and asked him to call. Now, because there is really some Petronas thing going on, our first reaction was, "Really?!" But we quickly realised this was a big fat scam. Firstly, what would Petronas be doing with my dad's SIM card? Secondly, the phone number was a dead giveaway. I mean, 006281382920298 doesn't really look like a local no. And besides, I think Petronas would be not so 'cheap' as to ask my dad to call instead of calling him themselves.

So my dad decided to call anyway, just out of curiosity. Apparently there was some guy with a strong Indonesian accent on the other end. He started by asking what banks my dad had accounts with, and after that asked what the account numbers were. So my dad was like, "Tak tau, tak tau," and all that. And then my dad was going to be real straight up with the Indo guy and say that he didn't trust him because that guy was speaking in a heavy Indo accent, probably because he was all the way in freakin' Indonesia, but the guy kept interrupting my dad and yakking on really fast, and finally hung up. Actually now I kinda wish that my dad tried to scam that guy back and give him some fake account and PIN number. *heehee* Let him see what "WTF?!" feels like. So, whoever reads this, watch out for these guys.

And er, I have been 'di-tag-kan' by Mich, but I'm still slacking, so... er... I'll do it in these few days. Please don't whack me Mich. :P

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mich said...

hmmm..all those scam..they tot they can fool ppl short, we need to becareful whenever it involves money.. ^^

hmmmmmmmmm....tau pun aku akan whack u..but tak pe lerr..u ban ban do larr..asalkan u do can