Sunday, March 25, 2007


Haven't been able to blog since last Saturday as my sis keeps hogging the computer. :( Wish I could get my own notebook, like, now.

This past week I've been feeling kinda stressed, worrying about assignments, society stuff, and my future education plans *sob*, and also feeling really, really tired all the time even though I'm already trying to get lots of sleep. I often get the feeling like an invisible hand is squeezing my heart and lungs and I can't breathe. Ack, I'm so melodramatic.

On the brighter side though, I did have some fun the past week. On Sunday, I went to some Chinese carnival thingy (which I blog in the previous post). Then on Tuesday, my TV-aholic side gets really happy. It's the premiere of Prison Break!!! Wooohoooo!! *g* It's this awesome show about this guy (Michael Scofield) whose brother's in a prison that he himself designed, and is framed for a crime he didn't do. So, he robs a bank and puts himself in the prison so he can get his lil' bro out. So cool. And the actor who plays Michael Scofield is Wentworth Miller, one of the newest faces of Gap. I see ginormous pictures of him whenever I go to Queensbay now. Heh.
He is TEH HOTNESS!! XP And he's like, a genius in Prison Break and in real life too. Aih... why can't more guys be like that in real life? :P

And then on Wednesday, Peng, Josephine and I went to the Traders Hotel to get squashed by people ask some burning questions about UTAR and all that. After getting sprayed by some bad news there, we had to go do something to cheer up... and that's what photo booths in Prangin Mall are for. After scaring passers-by with our initial hysterical laughing, we finally sobered up enough to take some photos (though we still cracked up after every single one of the 16 shots). *shakes head* So here's a sample of what we ended up with...

Yup yup, I had fun all right. *g* But now, it's time for me to feel depressed about assignments again...

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