Friday, April 20, 2007

the end

Well, today was the last day of my diploma course. Whew. Can't believe it - 2 years just whooshed by like that. I didn't really have that kind of 'last day' feeling that I got when I was in Form 5. Maybe it's because we're planning to have a proper 'celebration' after the exams, so this isn't really the last day.

Nothing much happened anyway. Took photos, laughed, ran around... and many of my TARC friends on MSN have the same sort of personal message: "last day!!!", "i will miss all of you oOoo...", "finally!!", etc, etc. I kinda like this photo that I grabbed from Aimee:

It shows our true nature: we are mou liu. Ahahaha... And it shows Jimmy's new shoes, whom unfortunately nobody got to step on. Oh well. There'll be other opportunities... XD


I just found out that I am worth 1,501,042 USD. That equals to roughly RM 5,253,647. Huh. Not bad. I always thought I could be dilelongkan at a pasar malam for about RM 100. How much are you worth?

hannibal rising

On Wednesday, I went for one of my last (or maybe the last) movie trips with my present gang. *sigh...* And we watched Hannibal Rising, one of the most seriously scary of horror movies I have watched. *shivers in terror* Really. I spent about two-thirds of the movie looking like this:

Yes, I was a total wuss, which doesn't happen often. I am paiseh.

The good thing about Hannibal Rising is that it has a more solid plot compared to most horror movies where lots of people scream and get slashed, considering it's based on a book. Not that the plot's perfect, though. The movie doesn't show specifically what made Hannibal a cannibal - was it his accidental eating of his sister (ew gross) or was it just sort of born from revenge? And what exactly made him become a person who can't tolerate rudeness or discourtesy, and kills people over it?

Fortunately, Hannibal Rising doesn't require people to know anything about the Hannibal Lecter series of movies/novels to understand what's going on. But after watching the movie, I've gotten a sudden urge to rush out and find all the Hannibal novels, and I am *ahem* acquiring the (sort of) movie sequel, Silence of the Lambs now. I still remember when I was like, maybe 6 or 7, one night my mom told me that we were going to watch Silence of the Lambs on TV2 and it's really interesting, and now I don't remember anything about it except that it had some guy skinning women and they were screaming. And that guy wasn't even Hannibal Lecter. Aih. At least now I can truly appreciate the horror.

I gotta give props to the actor playing Hannibal though. He's a 23 year old French dude named Gaspard Ulliel, and he used to be a model. *French model... oooOOOooo... XD*

OK, he's totally GORGEOUS, *blush* but I'm not biased 'cos of that... *g* his acting really is awesome. He's so creepy as Hannibal, especially his eyes... they're so cold and vengeful and remorseless. I mean, look, he can go from this...

Chicks dig me! Ha!

... to this, just like that.

I eat grown men for breakfast. Mmm...

I totally heart him. :P But I don't even know how to pronounce his name properly... swt =.=

OK, I can't resist. I have to post these pics of Gaspard on a Paris runway back in 2003... So yeng... *swoon*

Yeah, I'm done now. XD

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

brains are bad

Seriously, what am I doing here? I really shouldn't be blogging now, not with another 2500 word assignment staring accusingly at me. Oh well. I can't concentrate 'cos I'm worrying about too many things at once, and my PC has decided to sh!t itself, so I'm really bummed now.

I'm becoming more and more geram and confused with the whole KTAR/UTAR thing. My brains are battling it out all the time: one side says that going to KTAR is probably my only real chance of going to UK and fulfilling my dream of banana-ifying myself for good, but the other side says I should really get real and not burden my parents, therefore UTAR is the choice, etc etc. Sigh. At this point the realistic side of me is winning, and I am not happy. Agh, I need new input from anyone who hasn't said anything yet. *coughDenisehelpmeplscough*

Why does education have to be so difficult anyway? So many times I've wished that I was born some stupid dodo who couldn't make it into college. That way, people wouldn't always expect me to come up with totally fantastic and mind-blowingly awesome stuff, and I wouldn't have to worry about where to go to study. Working as a salesgirl somewhere would be so much more relaxing, and I wouldn't have delusions about going to live in UK/Australia/any country where most people are whiter, taller and fatter than me. I just feel so disillusioned living here, and I know many people just fire back that living with ang mohs could be worse because of discrimination, blahblahblah... but what's new? At least if I'm discriminated, there's actually a valid reason there, as opposed to being discriminated by my own fellow countrymen. *hides from ISA* And at least I could say I've tried.

I'm worried that I blog way faster than I do assignments. I really should stop now.

Monday, April 2, 2007

charity concert

My mum's been real busy raising funds for her school's construction stuff for months now, and part of it involved the "Nanyang Top 10 Charity Concert" (roughly translated =.=), where they get some local singers to do the concert for charity, and there's dinner too. So this was on Saturday, and my mum dragged me along to help her do some work before the show. Fun fun fun. I wasn't exactly highly excited at first, since I'd only vaguely heard of most of the singers, me being a total banana and all.

So anyway, when I got to PISA they were doing the sound check. I was just standing there minding my own business when a song starts, and this guy starts singing while walking down the stage and all around. When he passed by me, I was like, "Fuh~! Who is this guy, so yeng?" He looked abit familiar, but I really couldn't think who he was. And then, he kinda looked at me and saw me looking at him, and I sheepishly and quickly turned away. *paiseh* I had no idea what would happen later. *dramatic music*

Anyway, a while later I heard on a walkie talkie: *mumbleDanielmumble* And my head snapped towards the stage real quick, and saw the biggest star of the show, our totally holiao Malaysian Idol, Daniel Lee. He was so small and had a baseball cap pulled right over his eyes, so I had to search the stage for a while (there were other people horsing around onstage). Then he started singing, and I thought, maybe I've been too hard on him all this time, his singing is not that bad la. Then... he squiggled fantastically off-key when he tried to hit a high note in the chorus. Twice. omg swt. Well, at least he didn't do it again during his real performance later. After his sound check, he hung around a while to watch the other people sing, and he was standing like, 10 ft away from me. I had a strong urge to go over and ask to take a photo with him, but I was too chicken. Chicken!!! And I also thought my mum wouldn't be too happy if she saw me being all fangirly with Daniel, since I was supposed to be helping her do stuff. Aih.

So the show turned out to be pretty good... Here's some of the photos I took.

Dance to a song from Perhaps Love...

M-Girls (I really, really don't like the costumes =.=)...

Newz (they performed about 4 times in a night)...

Yang Wei Han (no idea what his English name is)...

Urm... some singers that I'd probably get their names mixed up...

Zchen! One of the few local singers I actually know and like. He wouldn't stand still long enough for me to take a really nice pic of him, and there were about 4 ft worth of crazy fangirls crowding around the stage in front of me...

And of course, Daniel Lee himself. I'm kinda proud of the first pic 'cos I managed to take a nice one of him smiling, even when my life was being threatened by all the shrieking fangirls who completely lost their heads when he came out. Ha.

And this guy...

... is Aric Ho (He Zhi Jian), the guy I was looking at just now. *g* The most interesting thing that happened to me that night involved him. So when he came out, I snapped a few pics of him and went back to my seat. Then he came down from the stage while still singing, making fangirls and photographers immediately zoom around him. He shook hands with a couple of them and started walking down the 'lorong' at which my dinner table was at. As he came nearer, I saw that there was a girl following him holding a basket with some roses, the kind with 1 or 2 stalks in a wrapper, and he stopped at random tables and would give a rose to a girl there or something. Well, he was at a table close to mine, and it looked like he was going to move away in another direction when he kinda saw me and came over instead. I think he recognised me from earlier. At that moment, I was like, OMGOMGOMG!!! So he came over, gave me a 2 roses bundle, shook my hand and smiled, and his eyes - *zapzapzap* 'pang tian'. Eeeeeee!! omgomgomg!! I was totally stunned, and also slightly blinded from the photographers furiously snapping away. Turned out there was this fangirl who was even luckier - Aric took her onstage and sang to her. omg... fuh~!! Gotta give him props for really knowing how to work the audience. He looks soooo much better in person than in photos, especially when he was all casual like during the sound check. *dreamy sigh*

And that's it. I could've had another chance to meet all of them after the show when they went for supper, but my mum wanted to go straight home and not move, so I didn't exactly have an excuse for popping in. :( I so wanted to meet Zchen. :( Oh well. I'm a PR person in training, right? Maybe strange things will happen in the future. heh heh.