Wednesday, April 11, 2007

brains are bad

Seriously, what am I doing here? I really shouldn't be blogging now, not with another 2500 word assignment staring accusingly at me. Oh well. I can't concentrate 'cos I'm worrying about too many things at once, and my PC has decided to sh!t itself, so I'm really bummed now.

I'm becoming more and more geram and confused with the whole KTAR/UTAR thing. My brains are battling it out all the time: one side says that going to KTAR is probably my only real chance of going to UK and fulfilling my dream of banana-ifying myself for good, but the other side says I should really get real and not burden my parents, therefore UTAR is the choice, etc etc. Sigh. At this point the realistic side of me is winning, and I am not happy. Agh, I need new input from anyone who hasn't said anything yet. *coughDenisehelpmeplscough*

Why does education have to be so difficult anyway? So many times I've wished that I was born some stupid dodo who couldn't make it into college. That way, people wouldn't always expect me to come up with totally fantastic and mind-blowingly awesome stuff, and I wouldn't have to worry about where to go to study. Working as a salesgirl somewhere would be so much more relaxing, and I wouldn't have delusions about going to live in UK/Australia/any country where most people are whiter, taller and fatter than me. I just feel so disillusioned living here, and I know many people just fire back that living with ang mohs could be worse because of discrimination, blahblahblah... but what's new? At least if I'm discriminated, there's actually a valid reason there, as opposed to being discriminated by my own fellow countrymen. *hides from ISA* And at least I could say I've tried.

I'm worried that I blog way faster than I do assignments. I really should stop now.


D said...

by denise u mean denise tan. rite? if it's not nvm. i'l go ahead anyway.
utar pj campus is located among factories where The Star used to be. Basically classes/lectures are conducted in old factory buildings. =.= i think there are classes in one furniture building too.
personally i won't go to utar for mass comm. Business, engineering, accounts mayb. but not mass comm.
so, i'll be staying in ktar to do my advance dip and off to UK to =)

come come.

frEsh said...

walau.... really so bad huh... omg... =.=

but now i might have a teeny chance of going to ktar after all... *yay me*