Friday, April 20, 2007

the end

Well, today was the last day of my diploma course. Whew. Can't believe it - 2 years just whooshed by like that. I didn't really have that kind of 'last day' feeling that I got when I was in Form 5. Maybe it's because we're planning to have a proper 'celebration' after the exams, so this isn't really the last day.

Nothing much happened anyway. Took photos, laughed, ran around... and many of my TARC friends on MSN have the same sort of personal message: "last day!!!", "i will miss all of you oOoo...", "finally!!", etc, etc. I kinda like this photo that I grabbed from Aimee:

It shows our true nature: we are mou liu. Ahahaha... And it shows Jimmy's new shoes, whom unfortunately nobody got to step on. Oh well. There'll be other opportunities... XD


I just found out that I am worth 1,501,042 USD. That equals to roughly RM 5,253,647. Huh. Not bad. I always thought I could be dilelongkan at a pasar malam for about RM 100. How much are you worth?


Ms Fish ~^^~ said...

haha...1st comment~
finally, finish our 2 year le...
all d best o...q^^P

nuclear said...

wah fresh.. really end liau ar?? @_@