Friday, April 20, 2007

hannibal rising

On Wednesday, I went for one of my last (or maybe the last) movie trips with my present gang. *sigh...* And we watched Hannibal Rising, one of the most seriously scary of horror movies I have watched. *shivers in terror* Really. I spent about two-thirds of the movie looking like this:

Yes, I was a total wuss, which doesn't happen often. I am paiseh.

The good thing about Hannibal Rising is that it has a more solid plot compared to most horror movies where lots of people scream and get slashed, considering it's based on a book. Not that the plot's perfect, though. The movie doesn't show specifically what made Hannibal a cannibal - was it his accidental eating of his sister (ew gross) or was it just sort of born from revenge? And what exactly made him become a person who can't tolerate rudeness or discourtesy, and kills people over it?

Fortunately, Hannibal Rising doesn't require people to know anything about the Hannibal Lecter series of movies/novels to understand what's going on. But after watching the movie, I've gotten a sudden urge to rush out and find all the Hannibal novels, and I am *ahem* acquiring the (sort of) movie sequel, Silence of the Lambs now. I still remember when I was like, maybe 6 or 7, one night my mom told me that we were going to watch Silence of the Lambs on TV2 and it's really interesting, and now I don't remember anything about it except that it had some guy skinning women and they were screaming. And that guy wasn't even Hannibal Lecter. Aih. At least now I can truly appreciate the horror.

I gotta give props to the actor playing Hannibal though. He's a 23 year old French dude named Gaspard Ulliel, and he used to be a model. *French model... oooOOOooo... XD*

OK, he's totally GORGEOUS, *blush* but I'm not biased 'cos of that... *g* his acting really is awesome. He's so creepy as Hannibal, especially his eyes... they're so cold and vengeful and remorseless. I mean, look, he can go from this...

Chicks dig me! Ha!

... to this, just like that.

I eat grown men for breakfast. Mmm...

I totally heart him. :P But I don't even know how to pronounce his name properly... swt =.=

OK, I can't resist. I have to post these pics of Gaspard on a Paris runway back in 2003... So yeng... *swoon*

Yeah, I'm done now. XD


nuclear said...

i must admit, he's hot BUT!! BUT!! onli da when he's modelin. da way he walk. FUHHH!!!!!! yeng si lang!!! hahhahahhaa!!! but other pics he's not dat yeng lar. weird weird eh i feel. lol. tak pe, i give him 40% from da catwalk. hehehhehe!!!

frEsh said...

40%?! u so prejudiced against him because he's hannibal the cannibal la... ahahaha.... even our dear silvermancer also duk tergilakan him d, only u always wanna step on him... haih... tsktsktsk... *shakes head*

nuclear said...

ahhahaha!!! different ppl got different thinkin eh mar.i feel dat he's yeng in modelling nia. hehe.. XP