Friday, June 15, 2007

tag 1 of 2

Argh~~ I've just been tagged by 2 friends at the same time. Such good luck huh. Uh... Because I have class tomorrow and I so need my beauty sleep, I'll just do the tag that I think is easier to do now. Hehe. This is my tag from my long-time-no-see friend Xin Yun...

1. Colour of most of the clothes you own?
Um... Well, most of the clothes I wear to college now are brown or green. I feel like a tree.

2. Number of pillows you sleep with?
Just 1. Wish I had more though. :D

3. Where are you right now?
In my tiny room. Paris Hilton has a bigger jail cell than me, for goodness' sake.

4. What were you doing at 12 am last night?
Aimlessly surfing the net, I think.

5. How old will you be in 10 years?
30 years old. Man I'm old.

6. What do you think you'll be doing in 15 years?
I seriously have no idea at all. Hopefully not being someone's mom. Ugh.

7. Do you have braces?
Nah... too poor. I'll live with my crooked teeth.

8. Are you paranoid?
Totally. May or may not be obvious though. Hehehe...

9. Describe your wallet?
Black with multi-coloured polka dots on the outside, shocking pink on the inside. I totally luvs it. :D

10. Your alarm clock?
My SE W800i.

11. Your hair?
Long, slightly brownish and straightened. A blah hairstyle for a blah person.

12. Toothbrush?
Uh... Currently using a blue Colgate one.

13. What color are your eyes?
Dark brown.

14. Unforgettable enemy?
Hmm... I don't think anyone really has the honour of being my enemy so far. Heehee.

15. First play/musical/performance?
No memory of what it was about, I just know I was about.... 4 years old, in kindy.

16. Last movie seen in cinema?
Shrek 3, which I watched about 5 hours ago. Not that bad lah.

17. Last person you yelled at?
Hahahaha.... Let's see... I think that would be my sis, through the phone.

18. Last crush?
What the hell is this question doing here? Aiya, I'm going to have to elaborate about that in the next tag anyway. Wait lah.

19. Last shoes worn?
My fav shoes - black Converse sneakers. XD

20. Last ice cream eaten?
One of those McD cones, green apple flavour.

21. Last word written by hand?
Er... Dunno, something in my Events Management lecture notes.

22. Last time you wanted to die?
'Bout 3 years ago, maybe? Felt like that all the time in high school.

23. When was the last time you went out at night?
Just now, to watch Shrek 3. Fun fun fun.

24. What was the last song you heard?
Tu Amor, by RBD. Dunno why, but I'm slightly obsessed with this song now.

25. What is about the opposite sex?
I can't read them to save my pathetic life. And I somehow almost always end up like some kind of 'big sis' figure to them. And that is why I never have guys treating me like girlfriend material. Sad, no?

26. What do you want to do now?
Finish this tag and go to sleep.

27. What's the first thing you ate this morning?
A few biscuits.

28. What's the one song you never get over?
Justin Timberlake's My Love!!! No matter how many times I listen to this song, I never get tired of it. It always makes me happy, especially if it comes together with the video. I absolutely luuuurve his dance moves in the video. XD

30. Fav day of the week?
Er.... Friday?

Ehh wait. Why is the question 29 missing? Let me add lah.
29. Who's your favourite idol at the moment?
Wentworth Miller!! Wentworth Miller!!! He's freakin' hot, totally smart, absolutely hot, awesomely talented, and totally hot. XD Looky looky:

Yalah, I just wanna have an excuse to post a pic of him up. XP But he's so yeng wor... *swoon*

Phew... That concludes this tag. And now... I would like to tag Mich, Rei and Froggy. Y'all are the rare type of people among my blog friends who actually do tags leh. Hehehe.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

getting used to kl

W00t! Last time I blogged was.... April 20! No blogging for the entire month of May, what a long break from blogging eh... Not that anyone really cares, I think.... :P

Erm.... So now I'm in the wonderfully rainy (seriously, the lightning bolts around here are up-close and scary), polluted and isolated place called Setapak, where I will be spending the next 2 years of my life. Lovely. I've been here just over 2 weeks now, (complete with not entirely satisfactory Internet access for 1 week) and I'm boooored out of my mind. And lonely too. I never thought I'd say it, but I actually need human contact. Shocking. I used to think I was some cold fish who could survive on just an Internet connection. And because of that, almost half of my time here has been spent at my friends' house, where people curse and yell every 5 minutes. Also, for the past 2 weeks, various people in Penang, PJ and Setapak have been receiving my phone calls with me wailing about how bored I am. Heh. My dad's going to be so thrilled when he gets the phone bill this month. :P

I miss my friends. I miss my family *gasp*. I miss the Penang TARC. I miss the lecturers there. I miss Penang food. I miss friggin' PENANG. Aaargghh..... Coming here has made frEsh mushy, which is unheard of, and not good. Everything here is so..... blah. How do KL people live?! How do you eat around here?? Man, I finally understand why Penang food (and Penang itself) is so hyped up.

All my good friends... michie~~~ peng~~~ josephine~~~ shzeli~~~ I miss you all sooooo much... hehehehe... Life is so boring around here without all of you, especially loonies like peng... XD People are so... reserved around here. Wonder why? And before any of you start, no crap about me not going to UTAR, k?! I would still be bored as hell at home ('coz none of you could be roomies with me), and besides, I still have friends here, k. :D And soon I will be going to UK to snag a rich and handsome ang moh. HAHAHAHA.

Oh well. I'm more or less accustomed to this place by now, just the boredom and loneliness remains. I guess I'd better stop moaning and get back to thinking about what topic I'm gonna do for my forkin' 50-70 page mini thesis. Inspiration, where are you when I need you?