Friday, July 6, 2007

i'm back!

Wheeeee! At last, I'm finally back in Penang!! w00t!!

Ahh... Yah, it's unusual for me to be so hyper, but it's just so nice to be home, where all my favourite cushiony things are. And where my dear 29" TV is. And where everyone speaks Hokkien around here. And where all the great food is. Wheeeee!!

Unfortunately, I'm gonna have to go back after just 3 days. *sob* Oh well... Guess I'd better get used to that sucky reality.

I should go to sleep now. Gotta conserve energy for muh friends tomorrow (and the convo too)... hehehe.

1 comment:

nuclear said...

n u havent do da tag yet.. lol..

nvm nvm..

slowly~~ hahah