Wednesday, August 22, 2007

fresh is 20

Ta-dah! I have officially joined the 20's club, as Mich puts it :D

So today I got a lil' surprise party from the Penang peeps and other classmates. So nice of them.... I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. XD

Ohya... The 2007 Fresh!Oscar for best actress goes to my beloved mistress Sharon, coz she managed to get me to college 10 minutes earlier for my lil' party without me suspecting anything at all. hahaha... Totally blindsided, I was. What happened:
1325 - Sharon's SMS: beloved slave, i need ur help in designing thank you kit layout (fresh's note: for the event we organised!), shall we meet at coll hall at 3.50 pm? really need ur help
1327 - fresh's SMS: (*omg... why do I have neverending work... sien...*) Okok...
1550 - Sharon seriously asks fresh about anything that should go in a thank you kit.
1600 - Sharon goes with fresh to class..... and walks right past our classroom to another classroom. fresh: *wtf changed classes?* opens door.... "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU...." fresh: ?!?!

Hahaha... So here's a pic of all my lurvely coursemates who turned up for cake to celebrate:

from left: koon wai, chai ching, chai teng, staphy, ker chiat, kian phin@ah bird, ME, piah lai, ee lin, pinkee, lydia, jin rou, see yun, cui fen, linda (in black), beloved mistress sharon (cake!), & siew ting. i heart u guyz!!

Haih... I forgot to take a pic of my cake before it was demolished. Very nice cake with lots of peaches on top that made Staphy go nuts..... plus strawberries!! Yay!!

And these are the prezzies that they gave me:

New clothes yay. XD

And my lurvely housemates got me this:

Squishable & furry cushionpet yay. XD

And.... that's it for my birthday. Spent a whole lotta time at home sleeping. Ah... I'm so happening. :P

Thanks so much, all of youuuu... it was really a nice surprise and finally I feel like I belong here. :D *does the happydance*

Woooooo..... my birthday's almost over. Still have stuff to blog about the event, but that's for another day. hehe...

i'm free!!!

People of the world (or anyone who cares), I have an announcement to make: I AM FREEEEEEE!!!

... for maybe 1 1/2 weeks anyway. Then it's exam time. *sigh* I would have made this announcement earlier, except yesterday night I was busy celebrating my newfound freedom from assignments and event stuff by - what else - sleeping... for almost 12 hours (with a 4 hour break in between). Yeah... one of my favourite activities in the whole world. XD

So now I'm happy because:
- my assignments/projects are all gone
- my assignments actually got unexpectedly good grades!! w00t!! so much for all the hair-pulling and head-banging and whatnot...
- it's my birthday!! wheeeee!!
- i have friends who send me birthday wishes!! and blog to wish me happy birthday (muackzzz to jovial!!) wheeee!!

Hahahaha... I sound like such a juvenile little kid. Oh well. This is the last birthday that i can't officially call myself an adult yet... so yeah, I'll be childish and hyper for a little while more. XD

Anyway, thanks loads & loads to all my friends who have wished me happy birthday so far, you guys really make my day. I think I've a lot of stuff that I haven't had time to blog about, but that'll have to wait coz it's 3.53 a.m. now. Back to sleep I go....