Wednesday, August 22, 2007

i'm free!!!

People of the world (or anyone who cares), I have an announcement to make: I AM FREEEEEEE!!!

... for maybe 1 1/2 weeks anyway. Then it's exam time. *sigh* I would have made this announcement earlier, except yesterday night I was busy celebrating my newfound freedom from assignments and event stuff by - what else - sleeping... for almost 12 hours (with a 4 hour break in between). Yeah... one of my favourite activities in the whole world. XD

So now I'm happy because:
- my assignments/projects are all gone
- my assignments actually got unexpectedly good grades!! w00t!! so much for all the hair-pulling and head-banging and whatnot...
- it's my birthday!! wheeeee!!
- i have friends who send me birthday wishes!! and blog to wish me happy birthday (muackzzz to jovial!!) wheeee!!

Hahahaha... I sound like such a juvenile little kid. Oh well. This is the last birthday that i can't officially call myself an adult yet... so yeah, I'll be childish and hyper for a little while more. XD

Anyway, thanks loads & loads to all my friends who have wished me happy birthday so far, you guys really make my day. I think I've a lot of stuff that I haven't had time to blog about, but that'll have to wait coz it's 3.53 a.m. now. Back to sleep I go....

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