Monday, March 31, 2008

all i want for christmas/my big 21





It's not mine!

*throws self on floor*

*howls with misery*


OK, it's no Macbook Air, but I WANT ONE DAMMIT!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

ooh la la

It is official: I am now some kinda makeup/skincare junkie in the making. I gots some new... er... acquisitions yesterday...

Yep, that's teh double C's you see there. My broke self bought these yesterday:

Chanel's Inimitable mascara, and their new Aqualumiere lip gloss (in shade 69, to be exact :P)

I've always sorta stayed away from Chanel because, well... it sounds expensive. haha... But yesterday they were doing some roadshow thing at Pavilion where you can purchase a RM 200 or RM 300 voucher and redeem RM 180 or RM 280 worth of Chanel stuff, and you get to have a makeover and your photo taken by a totally hot photographer :P So because I have totally no self-discipline, and because it was Chanel, I caved (I previously resisted the Dior roadshow. hehe.) and bought meself a RM 200 voucher. RM 20 was for a hair makeover by some guys from A Cut Above, and the remaining RM 180 went to paying for the stuff I got.

Ahh.... seronoknya aku ni... I got to use Chanel's products for the first time, and they really did make my fugly mug look hella lot better. Or maybe it was the makeup artist? The makeup artist didn't just slap on the makeup but even used abit of cleanser, moisturiser and whatnot first before the makeup. Of course lah, they gotta promote Chanel Precision (the skincare line) as well... And they also write down what stuff they use on you so you can buy it easily next time. So clever.

So... after the whole makeup and hair re-styling shebang, what did I look like?

Et voila! As you can see, I still look slightly fugly (and a bit miang in that pose), but overall the degree of fugliness has been greatly reduced. Of course, the Photoshop helped a lot, covering up my pimples and all that, but the unedited pictures looked kinda nice already. And my hair looks a bit cacated here, but I really liked the curls they gave me, though I looked waaaay more mature. hehe. Too bad the curls lasted less than 2 hours... sigh. And they put the photos in a tres chic Chanel envelope!! Yes, I'm excited about a Chanel envelope. I'm weird that way. Looky...

Yah... I look different, eh? To make a comparison, here is my fugly self in the au naturel state:

Sacre bleu! The horror. Oh, I forgot to mention... I got new glasses! Because the klutz which is me managed to chip my old glasses, and the chip was too big to ignore. Yah. So I got these, which according to my housemates, look nice on me/make me look like an artist/make me look intellectual/make me look like Ugly Betty. Please select your own interpretation from the above choices. Or come up with a new one.

So... Bedtime for me now, but I can't wait to try my new preciousssss tomorrow when I go to work. heehee.

Monday, March 24, 2008

on the outside looking in

No matter what I do, I'll always be the second choice; the one you go to when there's no one else left.

No matter what I do, I'll always be the outsider, particularly more so at some times.

It wasn't always like that... I just knew what I did wrong exactly... More than anything in the world now, I regret making the wrong choice that day. You have no idea how much I regret it... I don't know if things would have been any different, but the possibility of the road not taken is killing me...

What I wouldn't give to turn back time...

Will there ever be a time when I am someone's first choice?

How long is this gonna go on? I'm not the tough cookie, the mannequin with the stone cold heart that people think I am...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

ktm? i'd rather walk

Today was a good day.... fine and dandy... 'coz I finally got to see Mich, Shze Li & Elaine!! Watched The Deaths of Ian Stone at Mid Valley (which was.... ok lah), walked around, drank green tea... ahaha.... well, it WAS fine and dandy, right until about 7-ish in the evening, when I wanted to take the KTM to KL Sentral. omgwtfknnccbkfcbbq. I waited for ONE HOUR PLUS before I finally got to board a train. WTF?! I mean, I know the KTM is slow and trains not coming on time is normal, but this is ridiculous. I've waited for 20 mins, 40 mins, and that was bad enough even with Lydia accompanying me, but 1 hour plus was just... argh. Luckily I brought my handsfree with me, or else I'd just start growing mould waiting there without having any music to listen to. And when a train FINALLY came, I couldn't even get on because people were pushing like hell to get on like Godzilla was chasing them or something. And I got pushed next to a guy who smelled like he tried to marinate himself in some hideous RM 5 pasar malam perfume wtf. I WANNA KILL MYSELF FOR TAKING THE KTM AGAIN. ish.

Haih.... enough of that KTM nightmare... pics time...

First of all.... u gotta have a pic of everyone present at the outhing.... haha... I look like I have a receding hairline, and Shze Li looks..... kinda high very stim. HAHAHAH.

Next: Me & Elaine... the only pic with her in which I didn't look retarded =.=

... and me with er, different combinations of friends. I always show the most gigi in those pics lah... why?!

But this gathering is not complete yet....

... 'coz my 2 best buds weren't there! :( I really miss you guys... Josephine arr.... I haven't seen you for almost a year d... n Peng! I asked you wanna come or not k... remember what you promised..... *puppy dog eyes*

Haih.... gotta work again tomorrow, sien. Which means I have to go to sleep now, sien...

Monday, March 3, 2008

election time brings teh lulz

I'm still too young *ahem* to be voting in the upcoming elections, but apparently if I were old enough, this is the party I should be supporting:

According to the 100% accurate Who-To-Vote-This-Election Decision Generator™, I am voting for...


Hahahahahaha...... right on, Kenny. Go on, try it out.... the quiz and the post going with it is definitely good for a few laughs.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Ever since watching Step Up 2 last week, I've been bitten by the dance bug. And thanks to my housemate, I've discovered my new favourite show: Randy Jackson Presents America's Best Dance Crew! (Why they put Randy Jackson's name in front is beyond me; other than being the executive producer, I have never seen even the shadow of his face on the show before =.=) If you liked the Step Up movies, you will definitely LOVE this show. It's like American Idol, but for hip-hop dance crews. So cool.

Basically they start off with nine crews throughout the U.S., and every week 1 team is eliminated; so far the competition is in its 5th week now, with 5 crews remaining. My absolutely favourite team is the Jabbawockeez. They have a distinctive style of wearing opera-like masks when they dance, which makes them look kinda like really chubi mimes, and their choreography is always A-W-E-S-O-M-E because of their imagination. Check out this video of their Week 4 performance, where they had to portray characters they were given, in this case, thieves.

If your connection can stream videos nicely (unlike my pathetic connection), go watch all the shows on at the link above... gogogo... if not, you can still find their performances and the other crews' performances on YouTube. One dude on YouTube who has all the performance videos is TheRunItMan, go check it out. JabbaWockeez all da way!!!