Monday, April 28, 2008

xoxo, gossip girl addict

I'm sooooo into Gossip Girl right now. srsly. I've never been so excited about any TV series since Prison Break! I mean, the only thing I did other than sleep during my sick leave on Friday was watch GG, and now I'm stupidly refreshing hoping Ep. 15 will be up, even though I know it'll probably only be up tomorrow morning at the earliest. geez.

I'm not quite sure why I'm so addicted to it though, 'cos the story lines are pretty much sorta like The O.C., One Tree Hill, The Hills or any other typical teenage drama, except with a New York twist. Maybe it's all the hair, makeup and outfits the girls wear (New York preppy upscale I-can't-afford-it-if-i-sold-my-brain fashion!!). Maybe it's just the fact that it's in New York, one of my absolute favourite places in the world. Maybe it's the pretty cast, both guys and girls, that give Heroes a run for their money for the title of best eye candy. I swear, I have never seen anyone with even an ugly nose hair in the whole cast, or even the extras.

Ah... here I present teh gals' Eye Candy of GG: 

First off: Nate Archibald, played by Chace Crawford. The first time I saw him in the pilot episode, he had some really sohai-ish hairstyle like this:

And I was thinking... what's the big fuss about Chace Crawford again...? Then I got to Ep. 2, and he got a new haircut that looks more like this:

frEsh: *loses any coherent thoughts* fuh~~~ FUH~~~~!!

hehehehe. But Nate's not even my favourite character on the show, even though he is the prettiest. hahaha. My favourite GG character is...

Dan Humphrey, played by Penn Badgley. So he's not quite as pretty as Nate/Chace, but he's still really cuuuuute.  And he's got the show's "sensitive nerd" role. And he's got the funniest lines in the show. And Penn's just as funny off-screen as he is on the show, from what I can see in his interviews. What's not to like? *melts* I'm such a sucker for funny guys like him, and The O.C.'s Seth. heehee.

And on a random note...

I want Serena van der Woodsen's hair!!! and her bf! It's so prettyyyyy. And I'm seriously considering getting curls. Please stop me someone.

OK, 1 more pic of Dan/Penn before I end this post...

OK, OK, one more.... this one's of the GG guys. Dude on the left is Ed Westwick, who plays the "gangsta kid" Chuck Bass. Poor guy's always forgotten next to Chace and Penn.


Go watch it... gogogo... I need more people to share my teenybopper enthusiasm with!!


Anonymous said...

Does no one appreciate Penn's cheekbones? He's like the Johnny Depp to Chace's Brad Pitt. And JD wipes the floor with Brad's boring white bread ass! LOL. Don't get me wrong Chace is gorgeous but I wouldn't put him that much above Penn. It's like 50/50 with me. Depends on what day it is. And yeah poor Ed does get forgotten a lot. Sorry dude, you're cute and all and exude sexyness on the show, but Chace and Penn are just hotter. Points for the accent though!

frEsh said...

hi anon 2:04! where're u from? i totally feel u on chace being overrated... hehe... he just lacks the spark that penn has! and ed does have a certain charm... in the 1st 2 eps I was almost distracted from chace by him... hehe...