Monday, May 12, 2008

aloha, misery

Um... I'm back from lunch with 20 minutes to spare, so... yah. here I am.

So. Went clubbing for the 1st time in my sad life... for 2 nights in a row. Learnt a few things from that experience:

1. I am really uncoordinated when drunk.
2. I tend to spew quite a bit of nonsense.
3. I forget a lot of stuff the next day... except the stuff that I drink to forget.

Yes... some things just don't go well with alcohol. And I don't mean in the way durians and alcohol knock you out or anything like that.

Saw this quote on Denise's blog a while ago:
"I was drowning my sorrows but they learned how to swim."

Made me LOL at that moment... but now it seems more like dark comedy now that I've actually been drunk. Now it seems like whoever said it had me in mind.

And to make it worse, I just realised my Pendrive pendrive is gone.

Edit: Nevermind... it's back...

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