Wednesday, May 28, 2008

everyone nose kanye's da man

My new favourite song:

Everyone Nose remix by N.E.R.D., featuring Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco and Pusha T.

I looooove this song. I dunno why. I have it as my ringtone now. gogogogo, listen to it. clicky. Sorry if you don't share my taste in music tho, it'll probably not be up your alley then. hehe.

First found this song coupla weeks ago via a link on Perez leading to Kanye West's blog. His blog is just so coooooool. The posts aren't exactly... wordy, they're mostly pictures. Pictures of really cool stuff that he found, that is. Updates come daily, which is impressive... Go check it out, there's tons of cool stuff like this house which is totally what my dream house looks like, space-y looking furniture and lamps, and cool artwork like this (I have that as my wallpaper! =P)

ar. Run out of things to blog again. Oh ya, one last thing... check out this remix of 4 Minutes featuring Flo Rida, if you haven't already heard it before XD

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