Saturday, May 31, 2008

i did it

... did what, you say?

Um... I finally curled my hair yesterday. hahaha. Only 3 people have seen it so far, and their reactions were all pretty much the same: !!!!
hehehe. Scaring people with your hair is kinda fun. And there's a whole house of people about to be scared tomorrow. Actually later today. yarrr.

Anyway... the lazyass that is me probably won't be taking any photos of my new 'do, so... if you're not gonna see me in college but wanna see my Hermione Granger-like hair, gimme a call and mengajak me to go out or something. I'd be more than happy to go out sometime... *coughpeng/mich/jo/rei/elainecough* heehee.

Oh well.... better start packing. 10 more hours till I leave for KL. sigh.


nuclear said...

ooooo.... u curled ur hair d horrrrr..... chehhhh... normal larr.. when i went back to uni on da first day of new sem i saw ALOT of ppl curled their hair ler... XP *hang price dowan to ajak u out* HAHAHAHHA!!!! XP

rei said...

kenapa batuk? curl sampai batuk ke?

aler fresh~~~ y didnt take care~~~ come come ...sayanG~~~~ *patpathead*