Tuesday, May 27, 2008

life of a slacker

Hurhurhur. It is 27th May, a Tuesday, where I was supposed to attend a lecture at 12 pm, but I'm still here in Penang slacking for all I can. Yesh... slack slack slack. Surprisingly, I seem to be the only one among my housemates still slacking... but whatever. I've only just started to finish 3 months worth of accumulated TV show recordings after 1 week, and I haven't even been out with friends yet. heh. Life's good when all you do for 1 week is watch TV, sleep, eat, watch more TV, eat more, and sleep some more. and check Perez Hilton everyday. One thing though, I never realized how lucky I am to have a relatively strong Streamyx connection in KL because the connection here in my house just drives me up the wall srsly. I swear it's slower than the 56 kbps dial-up I had like, almost 10 years ago. sheesh.

I know I'm real late with this, but... David Cook is the American Idol!! Yayyyyyyyy! hahaha. It's about time a rocker won AI. He looks so much more Idol-ish than little David. and he's hot XD Looky... that's him on the right:

And the finale was nice and all... but the highlight of the whole thing (for me anyway) was, of course... One Republic!! omg I never expected them to be on AI. Check out their performance of Apologize with David Archuleta:

As you can see, the crowd absolutely lost their shit when Baby D came out. I really liked this performance, but I have a feeling it would have been even better if Hot David was the one singing with One Republic. I mean, I've seen 14 year olds who looked like they could break 17 year old David's neck, he looks sooooooo..... babyfaced. It's just kinda weird to hear a lil' kid singing about loving someone with a fire red, now it's turning blue. heh. On a random note, I absolutely love One Republic's lead singer... XD Ryan Tedderrrrrrrr.....

Anyway... ooo, part-time job....

Er... anyway... I'll be back to KL in a few days... hello to overflowing buses, late nights and assignments again. sigh.

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