Thursday, June 12, 2008

fakers f*ck off

Ah.... 2.18 a.m., a perfect time to be irritated. I like to think that not many things can truly irritate me, but when I do get irritated... I get so irritated I become irritating myself =.=

One of the things that pisses the shit out of me every time, without fail, is anything fake. Fake as in fake designer label stuff, copycats, rip offs, wannabes... whatever.

Like those stupid ah lians or 40-ish aunties who dangle fake LV bags on their arms and walk around like they're Brad Pitt's cousins or something. Hello. I don't even care if people have genuine LV stuff nowadays anyway. Going off topic for a while, I really, really don't understand what is it with Malaysians and LV. How many people can actually pronounce Louis Vuitton correctly without breaking a sweat? Why exactly are people all like, "whoaaaaa.... got LV bag loooo...." when there are soooooo many nicer brands out there? some available in Malaysia too? please la. Get yourself a nice Chanel 2.55 or something from Marc Jacobs if you're young. And yah, Juicy Couture stuff too. For freakin' God's sake, fake Juicy Couture is HIDEOUS. Say it with me: UGLY. HIDEOUS. FARKIN' HODOH. Why, oh why do people want to buy ugly stuff just because it has a badly sewn on brand name on it?? If you can't afford it, for the sake of humanity, please buy something without a brand, that doesn't make people blind or bleed from their eyeballs when they see it. So whenever I see people with fake LV/Juicy Couture/[insert designer label] stuff... I'm irritated.

Which brings to wannabes. Wannabes are... I dunno, the minions of Satan or something. And I'm irritated because I have to know about 2 wannabes in the space of 1 day. Wannabe overload!!!

The first wannabe... Rumour Chick. This isn't gonna make sense if you don't watch Gossip Girl (which you should!!! XD). Basically Gossip Girl is about a blogger who blogs about the elite of Manhattan's Upper East Side, so Rumour Chick is... a blogger who blogs about the "elite" of... um.... some obscure school in Kuching, College Abdillah. =.= swt x 10000. That has got to be the lamest blog in the history of the Internet. And it was a Friendster blog, no less. Minus 10000 points for that.

Rumour Chick basically rips off everything, and I mean EVERYTHING about Gossip Girl's signature style of blogging, except using really horrendous and lame English. So some Malaysian Gossip Girl fans/bloggers found out about it and alllll bitched about it on their blogs (hahahahahaha) and Rumour Chick deleted her blog and probably cried herself to sleep (oh boohoo). I was so disappointed that I didn't catch her blog before she deleted it (it was up for a grand total of about half a month), but... suddenly I remembered a Google trick.... the Google cache trick. HAH. Everybody, this might come in useful someday. You probably know that sometimes when you wanna access a webpage you find that it's been taken down right? Error 404 page not found and all that. This trick might let you see what the webpage looked like when it still existed, if the webmaster hasn't deleted it from the Google cache. which is what I did. Can't escape me Rumour Chick.... muahahahahaha.

All you have to do is type "cache:[webpage url]" into the Google search bar. E.g. And voila, the page, or at least the cached text on the page will appear. I spent about an hour alternating between laughing and shaking my head in disbelief at the lameness before my eyes.

That was this afternoon. Just now, I was thrilled to find out America's Best Dance Crew Season 2 was gonna be starting soon.... until I saw who was competing. I mean, I had really low expectations seeing as I still think the Jabbawockeez are still the most awesome amazing fantastic mind-blowing dance crew ever, and I wasn't expecting anyone to come close to them. But what I saw was just baaaaaaaaaad. And I haven't even finished watching the entire audition episode yet. Which is where Wannabe No. 2 (which, incidentally, irritated me the most) for today comes in.

Presenting the Boogie Bots, one of the 10 finalists on ABDC.

Hey! They look kinda familiar.... they look just like... like....

oh yeah, they look like the champs of Season 1... the Jabbawockeez. All they're missing are a couple of masks and some semblance of talent.

Diuuuuuuuuu. I had a real unpleasant shock when I saw them bounce out on stage, but it got even worse when they started dancing. Every move they made just shouted, "WE'RE SO SAD WE GOTTA RIP OFF OTHER CREWS' MOVES HAHAHA". Every. Single. Move. They practically have a 50 ft tall neon sign above them saying "Jabbawockeez Byterz". geez.

And the sad thing is they made it into the top 10. And some people like them and support them, from what I see from other blogs. shit. But again.... I loathe, loathe, loathe fakers. Boogie Bots, don't byte other people's moves and think you're fabulous. Go back to whatever cave in DC you came from and don't crawl out until y'all have one original move, you pathetic mofos. There's only room for one Jabbawockeez in the world. Don't insult them by pretending that you're anywhere near as good as them. And for the record, Boogie Bots is a stupid name.

Ahhhh..... glad to get all that crap off my chest. Now if y'all will excuse me, I gotta go curse the Boogie Bots in my sleep.

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