Tuesday, July 29, 2008

a balehead without a plan

I'm sooooo........ Joker-ish right now...... Yes I wish I had his pretty scars and makeup too but no, I'm just doing things without a plan. sigh. I can't concentrate on anything...... too much stuff, too little time. And look I'm still blogging.

But for now I'm happy as a clown 'cos I watched The Dark Knight again!!! wheeeeee!!!! And exactly 1 week later it is still freakin' AWESOME can!!!!! Granted, the jokes and shocks didn't have the same impact as they did the 1st time, but the other emotions are still there...... it'll always be heartbreaking to see Bruce's and Harvey's grief over Rachael's death, and it'll always be chilling to see the Joker's 'homemade videos' of the people he tortured...... it all just fits together so nicely. ah. I guess part of the appeal of the movie is the storyline's ability to stand on its own even without Batman. Yah the whole point of the movie is Batman, but it doesn't overly rely on Batman to get the story going, it'd be still a kickass movie if Batman was just an ordinary cop or something.

Um ok I can't resist......

Yah Christian Bale again. *giggles bimbotically*
I cannot help it I was hypnotised by his hawtness as Batman I mean Bruce Wayne again today OK?!

I just luv his eyes............. sigh...............


fuhhhh........ this pic's one of my favourites =P
Didcha notice that in most of the pics he's wearing a tux of some kind?? He just looks sooooo hot in a tux ok..... that's my favourite outfit on him lol. He should wear it to walk his dogs. He should wear it to take out the trash. He should wear it to go to 7-11 to get some Twisties. Bottom line is: he should wear it all the freakin' time. Wait, is that really my favourite outfit on him? hmmmm... *evil grin*

Ahh...... this one's from The Prestige (which I'm so watching when my shitload of assignments is gone I don't care what anyone says about it) and he still looks hot even in that er....... antiquated suit...... he also looks gooood in huge trench coats like this one:

Hello Hugh Jackman can you siam one side pls you're usurping Christian's hotness......

Yes yes like that... much better thx =P

And I wonder why he doesn't smile more often...... he looks soooo adorable when he smiles...... looky.....

and my favourite FAVOURITE:

The Bruce Wayne "I'm-so-rich-and-hot-and-I've-got-something-up-my-sleeve-you-so-wanna-know-what-it-is" boyish smile

*cannot tahan spontaneously combusts*

OK I've gone off the deep end now, I really need to stop.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

the night is always darkest before the dawn

The night is always darkest before the dawn indeed...

The "night":
1. Monday, 21 July - Seriously screwed up my IMC plan group presentation because of *someone who shall not be named*
2. Tuesday, 22 July - Seriously screwed up my Corporate Comm midterm because... had no mood and time to study
3. Tuesday, 22 July - Seriously got tulan at a @!#$% taxi driver who drove like a snail with a brick tied to it and tipu my money knnccbwtf

3 bad incidents = pissed off fresh

The "dawn":


Ok this is the first time I've ever gotten this excited over a superhero movie. I used to be like, meh, about any superhero movie.

But The Dark Knight totally blew me away... wheeeeee... The Joker was freakin' awesome (duh), Harvey Two-Face was awesome, Maggie Gyllenhaal as Rachel was awesome, Alfred Pennyworth and Lucius Fox were without question, awesome, and of course..... Batman..... fuhh.....

My favourite character is the Joker, no surprise...

I think he's the real star of the show XD All the scheming and the laughing and the kidnapping people and the killing people... so scarily creepy and funny at the same time. And his makeup!! fuh!!! And all his lines are so.... quotable. lol. My favourites:
"Why so serious?"
"The only sensible way to live... is without rules."
"I believe what doesn't kill you simply makes you.... stranger"
It's just so sad to think that Heath Ledger is gone, bless his soul :( he would totally have blown the next Batman movie away too... sigh. I sure hope he gets an Oscar for this...

And Batman. Uh.... I prefer Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne lol. Even though the new Batsuit, Batmobile and Batpod are tersangat yeng. Oh, have. you. seen. his. LAMBORGHINI?! The Lamborghini Murcielago LP640, that is. :P I *heart* it more than Ironman's Audi R8... hahaha... look look:

I just feel so happy happy inside when I see the car lol...

And YOU KNOW WHAT I just found out Christian Bale is hotttt.... hahahaha...

mmmm... it's always the piercing, deep-set eyes that get me... hehehe...
ooo another one...

squeeeeeee... and he has this deep, drawling voice that's so.... so..... so..... ahhh.......
another one another one....

oh hello..... where did that come from?! hehehehe.... poor thing's got Batman scars tho :(

sigh. Time to be serious now and start mah Psychology assignment sien. Wish I could watch this again tho... XD any takers?

PS: Love the Joker's website!! Go take the personality test, see if you've got what it takes to be a clown :P

Edit 23/7:
I can't believe I forgot this the first time.... check this out!!

It's one of the Dark Knight trailers in Lego! totally awesome and totally cute :D srsly.

And since I'm here...

Christian Bale




Chrissstiannnn Baleeeee (*swoon* his name's so sexy *swoon*)


OK I stop now

I am so unfaithful to Went and Justin XD

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

greatest pr stunt evah

zomg check this out (especially PR students hehehe):

That's a BMW in an hourglass yo. It's the main prop at Never Stand Still, the launching party for the BMW 7 series in Europe. Cool eh? The car was covered with all those silver ball things and it's slowly revealed as the balls drop to the bottom half of the hourglass. Very nice PR stunt indeed. Wish I could come up with something half as interesting as this for my IMC plan for the KL Tower. Yeah I'm supposed to be promoting KL Tower and its awesomeness but screw you KL Tower you and your marketing team suck. And there is nothing to do there and the food in the revolving restaurant costs an arm, a leg, your firstborn child and 15 BMW 7 series pimped out with fish tanks on the roof. Seriously.

And while y'all are at it, check out the awesomely hideous website. There are so many things wrong with it I don't even know where to start. barf.

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Proof of my slightly pathetic obsession with Apple stuff:

My desktop now looks like that. =P

Chio, no?

Oh, and my Dettol commercial is now on air. hehehe. But I'm so blurred no one would know it was me. Ah well.