Wednesday, July 16, 2008

greatest pr stunt evah

zomg check this out (especially PR students hehehe):

That's a BMW in an hourglass yo. It's the main prop at Never Stand Still, the launching party for the BMW 7 series in Europe. Cool eh? The car was covered with all those silver ball things and it's slowly revealed as the balls drop to the bottom half of the hourglass. Very nice PR stunt indeed. Wish I could come up with something half as interesting as this for my IMC plan for the KL Tower. Yeah I'm supposed to be promoting KL Tower and its awesomeness but screw you KL Tower you and your marketing team suck. And there is nothing to do there and the food in the revolving restaurant costs an arm, a leg, your firstborn child and 15 BMW 7 series pimped out with fish tanks on the roof. Seriously.

And while y'all are at it, check out the awesomely hideous website. There are so many things wrong with it I don't even know where to start. barf.


mich said...

fuhh.. da idea of their launchin is SUPERB! very creative... ^^

frEsh said...

[mich] totally!!! the car's nice too... hehehe...