Wednesday, August 13, 2008

i don't effin' know

Could everyone just leave me the hell alone PLEASE.........

I love you guys and all.... and I really would like to help you....


I don't effin' know everything
I don't think as fast as you think I do
I have my own stuff to worry about
I'm not the all-knowing God in the form of a fugly sepet-y flat and pimply 21 year-old
I'm not as good or sure as I used to be
I can't help myself and help you at the same time
I don't wanna be responsible for anything if your stuff comes back wrong because whatever I said was just my foggy opinion
I don't wanna feel like I'm doing your assignment 'cos every question you ask is leading you to your final copy anyway
I'm not a filter you go through before your stuff reaches the lecturers
I'm struggling to keep my head above water just like everyone else
I doubt my thoughts and decisions just like everyone else
I know sometimes I bring it on myself but still.....

please don't expect me to have the answers for everything

'cos I'm not a freakin' 8-ball.


--Ping-- said...

100% agree..
i have the total same thinking as u do...
feel so terrible wen some others just duno is dunwan to think or simply cannot think...
because they have u to rely on..n keep on with their dun worry be happy life...hehe
anyway...ignore them and mind ur own business 1st....
they din involve in analysing whether ur opinion is rite or wrong so no point to responsible for those baling balik stuffs..

all the best to u!!

frEsh said...

aih.... kesian u have the same experience.... sometimes juz feels like everything we do isn't worth anything any more huh?

all da best to u too;)
ooo n congrats on ur event.... haha...