Tuesday, September 23, 2008

home is where the satellite dish is


OK I've been here for 5 days already. Just got nothing to blog about.

But after 5 days of watching Friends reruns, I suddenly realised something:

I look like Chandler's sometimes girlfriend, Janice Litman. Or at least my hair looks like hers.


Uh... does anyone else find it disturbing that my hair looks like it belongs in the mid-90's?

But boy have I missed my satellite TV. Pigging out in front of MTV for hours sure brings back memories of the simpler diploma years. Ah, the good ol' days...

Ooh, and the broadband connection at home is sooooo much faster. Finally, I get to download ALL THE SHIT I WANT HALLELUJAH which reminds me... GG and Prison Break await. Off I go.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


To this article, I say:


I would also like to say: I want that t-shirt Madonna is wearing. :D Waayyy cool man.

You know what else I think is way cool?

That's right, any presidential candidate who gets his face AND an inspirational message immortalized on Nike AF1's (and numerous rap songs, I might add) get a Way Cool pass from me by default. lol. Sorry, that's the Obama Force One. See, it's so cool it gets its own name. That right there is the left shoe. The right shoe makes an imprint of a front view of his cool mug, just like this:

Beat that, McCain. Your n00b creationist liar of a "V.P.I.L.F." (excuse me while I go barf) will only take your old wrinkled ass so far. Oh, and on that note... Jon Stewart freakin' PWNs lol. Political satire at its best. If only we had more people like him around here.

Which, speaking of... this piece of sampah masyarakat got a measly 3 years suspension for his lovely Chinese-hating statements. Are you kidding me? Are you fucking KIDDING ME? Who does UMNO think they are fooling with this crap? Their intended message of, "Whoa everybody. Look this is so serious. So we are punishing the fella by taking away his posts for 3 years. Serious you know..." is so not coming across that way. News flash: What we're really hearing is more like, "We can't actually get rid of this guy 'cos dammit all we really wanna do is cheer at his statements. But since y'all are making such a big deal of it, we will pretend to shake our heads and sigh and give him a punishment we think is serious enough. Happy, you low-class peons?"

Seriously, that troll deserves an award of some kind for managing to insult two ethnic groups in one breath. I mean, comparing the Chinese to Jews in America. Unbelievable. Did you even stop to think that the reason Chinese work hard to earn money is just to provide a good living for themselves, stupidhead? It's alllll about us trying to gain political and economical power over you isn't it? Because we have soooo much time on our hands, we have to hatch evil plots to take over the country in our little Chinese temples. Get over your fucking self. sheesh.

916 baby.

Anwar/Obama '08!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

zomg want

ZOMG look what just dropped into my inbox today (click to enlarge):

I got invited to an event in freakin' Coach. And the event is 2 days before my last paper. I swear the heavens are against me this year. First the MAAs, now this. And not only is it in Coach...

Guests get goodie bagsssssssss ZOMG. Coach goodie bags OK!!! I will never in the recent future get to even set foot in a Coach store, let alone come out of it with Coach stuff OK!!! Ergo.... I WANNA GO I WANNA GO I WANNA GOOOOOOOOOOOOO


Actually come to think of it, I don't think going would be a problem since I have a morning paper that day, and my lardass does not study during afternoons after morning papers. So my Youtube-ing time would just be spent... hanging around at Coach. Definitely an upgrade. OK this is getting kinda stupid, me thinking about going to a Coach collection preview, actually being in the same store with money-dripping-from-their-eyeballs rich people. Er. But I still really wanna go laaaaah.

The problem is, I can bring a friend with me, but normal people naturally wanna study for their last paper and hence... I got no one to downplay the awkwardness of my broke self actually going into a Coach store. And I gotta find someone fast if I really wanna go 'cos space is limited dammit.

So... any takers...? please please please please pretty please with a cherry on top?

OK again am I serious?!

Friday, September 5, 2008

bombs just keep on coming






*breaks into hysterical sobs*

Why, Fox, why?! I know it takes 4-6 hours to put the full body tatts on Went and yada yada yada but you managed to keep Michael in long sleeves the whole freakin' S3 to pretend that the tatts were still there underneath, in a Panamanian PRISON with NO VENTILATION, so why stop now?! He was the only ridiculously hot geek in the history of, like, EVER to have such a badass full body tattoo and you take that away from him (and us rabid fans) just like that?! And you didn't even have some kinda gratuitous wide 360 degree shot to show us the tatt one last time before you so cruelly and casually disposed of it? BLASPHEMY I SAYYYYYY! You guys better have a damn good reason for removing his tattoos or I'm gonna go down there and tattoo a map of Penang or something on him myself.

Well, apart from that absolutely tragic incident, the S4 Prison Break premiere was pretty much as shocking and filled with gunfire as usual, and oh, with Sara Tancredi (and her head) mercifully back in action. I want her job, btw. And James Whistler got popped dammit. Another hot guy gone. Thank god Linc is still there and getting finer with each season. Things are heating up in all sense of the words.

Before I return to my sad life of studying, let us first observe a moment of silence for the demise of Michael Scofield's once magnificent full-body tattoo. Michael you will join us too, yes?

Le sigh. He's still hella sexy even without his tattoos though :D
Oh wait, does 'tattoos gone' = 'more Wentworth skin' now that it's not such a hassle to have him take off his shirt? 'Cos that's about the only ray of hope in my cloud of doom now OK Fox.

Michael Scofield's Full-Body Tattoo
Most Useful Prison Break Accessory and Sexiest Kickass Tattoo Ever
Aug 25 2005 - Sep 1 2008

You will always be in the hearts of Prison Break fans, gangsters, tough bikers, and fangirls who wanna see Wentworth Miller shirtless.




GAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH WHY?! Why do I always make decisions I that I sure as hell screw myself over with later every day?!?!?! WHY?! WHY?! GAAAAAAAAAHHHHH

Ya Allah why was I born here?! Why'd I have to turn out like this?! Why'd my brains always have to spaz out at the worst times?! zomga;sldkfjq;wlekhbh;2i3juklg%$%^&!

haaaaaaaiiiiiiihhhhhhhh. As a lifelong pessimist, I should know by now the magnitude of the shit life just keeps giving and giving and giving, like the endless stream of presents Santa pulls out of his ass every Christmas. Um... don't mind me... stupid stuff generates stupid blog entries... zzzzzz

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

the chrome has landed

I am seriously such a geek.

I got Google's new web browser, Google Chrome, 9 minutes after it launched to pwn Microsoft's ass at about 3:30 a.m. earlier... and I have to mention that I was obsessively refreshing that page the whole day after I heard that it'd be officially launched sometime on 2 Sep. In case anyone is wondering, I didn't purposely stay up to download it (I'm not that big of a geek yet :P), though I'm the only one I know who was so damn excited about the launch of a web browser. No, the more depressing reason for me still being awake and stupidly blogging is that I'm supposed to be studying for finals. Instead of poking around Google Chrome.

The Chrome. You gotta love a browser that has announces its official launch via a freakin' online comic book. I mean, how cool is that?! That's like, a level of coolness rivaled only by Apple. Again, I am such a geek lol.

After clicking around (and blogging) with it for about 45 mins, I gotta say it looks pretty Safari-like on the surface, and I haven't had any problems so far. It's real mininimalistic (like Safari), me likey =) And it's not just like any regular browser, the chim chim programming stuff is different, and it's got a coupla spiffy new functions too... check it out yo.

But for now there's no adblocker for the Chrome, which I dunno why I'm picking on since I don't have one for Safari =.= I keep seeing "This page cannot be displayed" in weird places now tho. But I think that's more about everybody's favourite connection abomination. *coughStreamyxcough*

That said, I think I'm still gonna hang on to my beloved Safari 'cos things just look soooooo much better on it :D And now that I've got 4 effin' browsers on my system... I think Firefox 3 is gonna go :( Sorry, but IE's still needed to do stupid stuff like updating or whatever it is once in a while.


On a completely unrelated note...

Prison Break and Gossip Girl are back!!! squeeeeeee!!! WENTWORH MILLER HERE I COME AHAHAHAHAHAHA