Friday, September 5, 2008

bombs just keep on coming






*breaks into hysterical sobs*

Why, Fox, why?! I know it takes 4-6 hours to put the full body tatts on Went and yada yada yada but you managed to keep Michael in long sleeves the whole freakin' S3 to pretend that the tatts were still there underneath, in a Panamanian PRISON with NO VENTILATION, so why stop now?! He was the only ridiculously hot geek in the history of, like, EVER to have such a badass full body tattoo and you take that away from him (and us rabid fans) just like that?! And you didn't even have some kinda gratuitous wide 360 degree shot to show us the tatt one last time before you so cruelly and casually disposed of it? BLASPHEMY I SAYYYYYY! You guys better have a damn good reason for removing his tattoos or I'm gonna go down there and tattoo a map of Penang or something on him myself.

Well, apart from that absolutely tragic incident, the S4 Prison Break premiere was pretty much as shocking and filled with gunfire as usual, and oh, with Sara Tancredi (and her head) mercifully back in action. I want her job, btw. And James Whistler got popped dammit. Another hot guy gone. Thank god Linc is still there and getting finer with each season. Things are heating up in all sense of the words.

Before I return to my sad life of studying, let us first observe a moment of silence for the demise of Michael Scofield's once magnificent full-body tattoo. Michael you will join us too, yes?

Le sigh. He's still hella sexy even without his tattoos though :D
Oh wait, does 'tattoos gone' = 'more Wentworth skin' now that it's not such a hassle to have him take off his shirt? 'Cos that's about the only ray of hope in my cloud of doom now OK Fox.

Michael Scofield's Full-Body Tattoo
Most Useful Prison Break Accessory and Sexiest Kickass Tattoo Ever
Aug 25 2005 - Sep 1 2008

You will always be in the hearts of Prison Break fans, gangsters, tough bikers, and fangirls who wanna see Wentworth Miller shirtless.


Sineu said...

Look at the bright side...he might want to tien tien his body more this time and dont want to get caught at the same maybe he got more toned muscles...yea...drool over it.XD

frEsh said...

sineu!! hello.
he damn well better show off more lol. and he should like, change his clothes more too =.=
k i'm gonna watch ep3 now XD