Wednesday, October 22, 2008

does. not. compute.

My brain is so not producing any intelligent thoughts right now. Every time I try to think, all that floats across my mind are fragments of sentences or random words like "green", "lack of awareness", "NGO", and "you are so effin' stupid".

Nothing brings out my incompetence quite like being unceremoniously planted in a leadership position. sigh. Seriously, the only thing I'm qualified to lead is maybe a 2-city shopping spree in Penang and KL. Now that I could handle. My peabrain just does not compute the logistics of a college event. And the fact that other people are having meetings left right and back like their lives depend on it doesn't help the nagging feeling that I'm missing something big in my group's pitch, like the proposal to rent the venue's roof or something.

Well. At least I only have to hang on until this Saturday's pitch... after that I'll no longer need to be the "big boss"... right..??

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