Monday, October 13, 2008

new semester, new level of hell

Well. Just one week back here in KL is enough to get my "assignment depression" going, seeing as this is my final semester here, more commonly known around here as The Semester That Makes All Final Year Students Lose Their Shit. And I've already got a new concept to hate now - recycling, no thanks to it being the theme of my PR campaign. sigh. At least I'll be suffering with a friend. Denise!! It is fated lol.This means that celebrations after the campaign will be in the form of shopping sprees, yes? XD

Anyway... here's a bit of random stuff I came across while procrastinating, which is really too awesome not to pass along. Probable responses to these stuff include OMG WTF holy shit LOL wow or all of the above. Seriously, check them out :D

First off, the 10 most confusing traffic signs in America. much lulz :P Includes gems like this one:

Next, some really freakin' cool street art. Dunno how to describe it... all I can say is click, and scroll.

Awesome, innit? And now for another type of art...

Marilyn Monroe, font art style. Click here for more...

Speaking of celebrities... take a look at one of my favourite rappers, Lil' Wayne's 26th birthday celebrations, which I guarantee you will be one of the most extravagant bashes you have ever heard of. Talk about taking A Milli to another level... I WANT MY 26TH BIRTHDAY TO BE LIKE THAT TOO WEIIIII.

And what would this list be without something weird. ehehe. With that, I give you... the most bizarre burglary I've ever heard of. Involves spices, sausages, and a dog. Seriously y'all MUST see this one. XD

Finally... the last one, which is my favourite. hahaha. From, the 6 Terrifying Things They Don't Tell You About Childbirth, which I prefer to call 6 more reasons babies are totally evil I don't wanna have babies.

So. I'm off to procrastinate more. yarrrrrr.


siusiu said... 6 terrifying facts bout child birth is so yucks...especially de episiotomy >_<

frEsh said...

hahahaha... that's why la i don't wanna have kids... hehe...