Friday, November 28, 2008

of microsoft, html and getting screwed

Back when I was still a n00b in F5, I actually wanted to work with computers, graphics, animation and stuff. Y'know, like those people in Pixar or Dreamworks.

I so see the folly of my ways now. If I'd gone down that path, I'd probably have ended up like the guy in the pic below in about a week.

Yeah, that's PB's Charles "Haywire" Patoshik. Well that was the stupidest pic I could find of him.

Anyway, I only just realised how effed up I'd be after hours of toiling over meaningless strings of HTML for... my other creation (ngek!). This pic just about summarises my feelings in a nutshell every time I start with HTML:

(Pic courtesy of Pundit Kitchen)

And after scrolling up and down, over and over again through the whole freakin' code only to edit, like, 2 words or so, it turns out that everyone's favourite browser, Internet Explorer has screwed my beautiful *cough* page up. At which point, this pic sums up my feelings:

Seriously, IE is the worst piece of shit Microsoft has crapped, second only to another one we all know as Vista. grrr. And that's my last word on that.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

pride is thy sin

OK so even though I've taken over as Super Emo Girl for the day, I'm still damn bangga about the blog I created for my recycling campaign. lol. I rarely ever venture that far down the road to HTML hell. Not even for my own blog. urgh.

So. Just layan me and go, can? I gives you candy if you go. :P

Monday, November 24, 2008

story of my life

When she alone then she cries, but nobody can hear/
'Cuz she lost all the little pieces and nobody could care
And you can try you can try/
But you're never gonna find the missing pieces/
The missing pieces

Missing Pieces - Damien Fernandez

Friday, November 21, 2008

sloth is thy sin

Things I am supposed to be doing right now:
- Literature review for my thesis
- Getting people to do my questionnaire for my thesis
- Creating a blog for my recycling campaign
- Doing my godawful Socio-Cultural Comm or something assignment
- I have a sneaky feeling I might have forgotten something important

Things I am actually doing right now:
- Feeling really sinful
- Not doing anything for my thesis (yet)
- Posting meaningless shit on my own damn blog
- Not doing my godawful Socio-Cultural Comm or something assignment
- Trying hard to remember what I might have forgotten

How on earth did I manage to ever fool people into thinking I'm competent. tsktsktsk.

Oh and I hate HTML. I'm such a failure as a geek.

Friday, November 7, 2008

president... now available in black

Yeah I'm real slow on this but waiting for photos will do that to ya. OBAMA FTW!!! Finally the leader of the free world (so they say) is gonna be someone who would look really cool on a $100 bill. lol. Oh and my blog post title came from this lol-worthy pic from Pundit Kitchen. :P

So to show my unfortunately limited support for Obama, I jumped at the chance to go to an election partayyy organised by the US Embassy over here at the Renaissance Hotel. OK I didn't really jump, I kinda did hesitate for a minute 'cos the slacker in me was crying inside at the thought of having to wake up at 6.30 a.m. for the thing.

But anyways. The whole bunch of us college students went there by bus and upon arrival, were greeted by (of course) a very red, white and blue ballroom. It was all very nice, but unfortunately I don't have pics 'cuz being the stupid I am, I forgot to bring my camera. :S Luckily for Lydia then. :D

So here's a coupla pics from Lydia's cam:

Some of us who went, with an awfully tall Mat Salleh at the back. We're inside the ballroom though you can't tell. Please don't look at the above pic for too long 'cos I look more hideous than I usually do in there. Moving on...

Oh yeah, here's (almost) all of us with the US ambassador, Ambassador Keith. I'm sure there's no need to indicate which one he is :) Busy, busy guy. Wasn't real easy to get this shot.

The main things to do at the function were basically just mingle with the many Americans there and watch the live coverage of the election results by CNN, which was broadcast on a projector in the ballroom. There were lotsa distinguished gentlemen in suits and little teenage guys but not many in my general age range :( But now as a result from watching about 4 hours of the CNN coverage, I developed a sudden crush on one of the anchors, Anderson Cooper. XP Yeah I know I'm kinda late to that party, but I'd never been exposed to CNN for prolonged periods before.

One of my favourite things they had there was a mock election. And you know I'd totally be a sucker for that. heheheh. So we non-American people got to vote, and they even gave us this "I Voted!" sticker to voters just like they do in the States:

No prizes for guessing who I voted for :P And turns out he would so totally pwn McCain if he was running here, 'cos it turned out he won the mock election by a landslide of 88%. lulz.

Besides that, they also had a Lincoln Resource Centre corner, where you could take a quiz on US presidential trivia to win prizes, and there were also like bigass TVs there showing lotsa information and also the presidential debates. Yeah I took the quiz with a friend. It was horrible. They had folders with even more info in them too, like this:

I dunno why my photo is rotated. Ignore the Republican Party sticker, I got a random one and my inner Democrat is sad. bah. :P Ooh and another thing I'm happy about for no reason is this:

I got my own Obama/Biden '08 pin!!! hehehehehe. OK I am such a nerd.

But the highlight of the day had to be when I met the man himself, Sen. Barack Obama. Really lah I have proof. I have to admit though I was slightly disappointed when I finally got to meet him because he wasn't quite what I imagined him to be.

I guess I was kinda hoping for more depth from someone who was gonna be the next President of the United States, y'know? Maybe it was his nerves. Hmmm. He's tall. And I have horrible hair.

All in all, I'm glad I got to go 'cos that was probably the best place I could have been while getting the results of a US election. It was pretty exciting when CNN's projected results would flash across the screen, state by state, and there would be an occasional cheer when Obama won yet another state. It got pretty scary at one point when McCain suddenly starting winning a whole bunch of midwestern states in a row, but it was awesome when the electoral votes ticker suddenly changed to 297 for Obama, the words "Barack Obama Elected President" appeared and the whole ballroom went nuts, us included. hehe. We stayed long enough to hear McCain's concession speech and were all holding our breath for Obama's victory speech, but sadly had to go :( So I just went home and watched it on Youtube. Which was obviously less awesome, but... well.

And to top the whole thing off, we sorta made it into a couple of newspapers on Thursday. lol. My face was in Sin Chew Daily, which you can see in this online version... click the pic to enlarge. Lucky my face is kinda small 'cos in the words of my sister, "you be smiling abit like an idiot, mate." sigh. We were kinda in The Star too, except my face wasn't in that one. The coverage in The Star was more substantial - 2 pages, to be exact. ngek~~~

So with that the election is finito. It was good for a few lols while it lasted, like the epic LOL about Sarah *coughfreakin'idiotcough* Palin getting seriously pranked by two Canadian comedians pretending to be French president Nicolas Sarkozy... and there's some post-election gossip emerging now, like this wtf one about Palin not knowing that Africa is a bloody continent. Yes, that could've been the next Vice President of America.

Next up: Inauguration Day! Obama/Biden 20/1/09!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

your check in time is now

OK I just spent half an hour of my life getting the shit scared out of me. There I was minding my own business attempting to read journals and some housemate comes up grinning evilly asking if I'm in the mood for games. Like this one.

Seriously do NOT play that if you have a real weak heart. I wouldn't consider myself like, full of guts but I do dare to watch the occasional horror/blood-and-guts movie. So I thought I was all set, until I started making lotsa funny noises throughout the game, and by the time I was done with this game there was cold sweat in places I never sweated before. And that was with the volume turned way down. Fo' real, yo.

Anyway I'm being charitable and spreading the fear now as a belated Halloween gift to all. lulz. Especially since it's a really brilliant part of a Doritos marketing campaign. Go play... alone... if you dare. And choose your timing wisely 'cos it's only open from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. everyday.