Friday, November 28, 2008

of microsoft, html and getting screwed

Back when I was still a n00b in F5, I actually wanted to work with computers, graphics, animation and stuff. Y'know, like those people in Pixar or Dreamworks.

I so see the folly of my ways now. If I'd gone down that path, I'd probably have ended up like the guy in the pic below in about a week.

Yeah, that's PB's Charles "Haywire" Patoshik. Well that was the stupidest pic I could find of him.

Anyway, I only just realised how effed up I'd be after hours of toiling over meaningless strings of HTML for... my other creation (ngek!). This pic just about summarises my feelings in a nutshell every time I start with HTML:

(Pic courtesy of Pundit Kitchen)

And after scrolling up and down, over and over again through the whole freakin' code only to edit, like, 2 words or so, it turns out that everyone's favourite browser, Internet Explorer has screwed my beautiful *cough* page up. At which point, this pic sums up my feelings:

Seriously, IE is the worst piece of shit Microsoft has crapped, second only to another one we all know as Vista. grrr. And that's my last word on that.

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