Tuesday, November 25, 2008

pride is thy sin

OK so even though I've taken over as Super Emo Girl for the day, I'm still damn bangga about the blog I created for my recycling campaign. lol. I rarely ever venture that far down the road to HTML hell. Not even for my own blog. urgh.

So. http://tarcrecycle08.blogspot.com. Just layan me and go, can? I gives you candy if you go. :P


.Jovial. said...

emo ur head. i get u marc jacobs soon lah. u wait for me let me go get lottery 2mrw ohkay!

and yeah wth lah i can actually know which phrase u wrote in ur blog and which is not. NYEHEHHE

ok im trying to claim fame here. bah

denise said...

Woi who say you can take over my role as SEG huh.

Nice job with the blog btw =D

frEsh said...

[jovial] but i want kipling =(
and its freaky how u know what i say. i think i spend too much time wit u -.-

[denise] for the day only lah lol. nah here's your SEG cape back. hehehehe.