Tuesday, December 23, 2008

merry freakin' christmas

to me.

Yeah I lost it. Emoness makes you go crazy with the retail therapy.

So this is pretty much the only thing my 'lucky pendant' has got me this Christmas....

.... the last pair of shoes available that I wanted, in my size, in the store.

This would normally be when I start squealing about my new stuff and howbloodylucky I was to get it, but

all I really wanted for Christmas

was you


mich said...

ooo.... nice shoe / pumps / whatever u call it.. haha.. nice one! ^^

"all i want is xmas was you"

who? me?? aww freshie... ahhahahahha!!!! XP

frEsh said...


aiyo... u found out my secret d... paiseh neh... i dare not let ppl know 1 ma... hahahaha!

Devonn said...

A nice one girl!

frEsh said...

thanks! :D