Sunday, December 28, 2008

taking this one to the grave

Perhaps over-compensating for my up-until-now uneventful life, I just wtf-ed and did things that I shouldn't ever have done a few hours ago. What was I thinking. Oh right, I wasn't.

The damage has been done and I dread to think what's gonna come of it. Not only did I let some of the people I care about most down, I may just have set off some GG-like madness... So now's a time as good as any to start using my spin doctor skills, I guess. oh wtf.

What was I thinking. What WAS I thinking.


Xin Yun said...

pulling a GG drama yeah? well, life would hav been boring without any of these.. n i actually miss GG episodes. cant wait for the next one!!

frEsh said...

yesssss. 2 more days to go! :D