Sunday, January 25, 2009

go shawty it's your birthday

On this random day, a random friend of mine turns a year older, wiser, calmer, randomer and more poser. *throws confetti* Yes random person I know you probably expecting this post :P

The most unlikely friend I ever expected to make, she has had an influence on my life the way only a random person can. She comes up with the randomest shit in which the only appropriate (and available) response is 'er', calls at the randomest times like when I'm sleeping, drags me to the randomest places, swears at me about 50 times a day, corrupts my innocent self with... um, a lot of random stuff... she's poles apart from me to the extent I sometimes have no earthly idea why we can stand each other, yet she has turned out to be the rare someone who understands me inside out and one of the few people I trust and cherish the most.

So to the one who knows me best... Thank you for
making my life more interesting this past half year
making me appreciate the things that I have
cracking my shell for the me inside
being by my side when I lost my missing pieces
and most importantly, just being a great friend :)

Happy birthday Jovial ;)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

yes we can

Its 10 p.m. as I'm typing this, I'm sitting for the last paper in my Advanced Diploma life in about 11 hours, and what am I doing?

I'm streaming Obama's big inauguration shindig live from CNN with Facebook (damn cool wei!). T.T OK so I'm studying at the same time lah but how many people do you know who're so selamba on the eve of their exams. I scare myself sometimes. But it's like, totally historical and all, so I've got an excuse :P

Speaking of which, I just discovered the dude behind Obama's highly-anticipated inaugural speech (and all his other angels-are-singing-and-flowers-are-blooming-like speeches) - Jon Favreau. He's only like 27 (!!), and sooo damn cute can die zomg. The youngest speechwriter in the White House ever, worked for Sen. John Kerry right out of college and now for the President of the United freakin' States of America. I am so crushing on him. lol. On another random note: why is Anderson Cooper not covering the inauguration?! =(

Ah well. Studying it is. Oh wait I can waste more time by showering first. ngek.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

talk is cheap

... and gossip is even cheaper.

Whoever said "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me" must have had a hide of steel and a heart of stone. The recent turn of events has shown that the exact opposite could not be truer, and as shown on my wonderful poster 2 posts ago, shit indeed be everywhere.

Words, when simply thrown around, can bring down even the strongest person... as I've seen from one of my close friends whom I respect the most. Words, when simply thrown around, can also distort the truth into something hideous and poles apart from what it really is... as I've had the truly awesome opportunity to experience myself.

The new lesson for today: There's just no escaping gossip if fate has you in its cross hairs. Whether you're the Blair Waldorf of your community, or the extra in the background just passing through, you're at equal risk of having your shit hit the fan. And so it happens, it seems that this rash of gossip is the twisted gift that keeps on giving.

It's all so vicious. And out of control. So there's no point in me blogging about this, really. It's just sad when people choose to see the truth through the words of others, rather then through their own eyes.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

lesson of the day

Every day we learn something new. And what have we learnt today?

Fuck trust. Fuck secrecy. Most of all, fuck gossip.

Absolute silence is the way to go. Always.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

new year same shit

Because I'm always late to the party... here's the mandatory blogger's New Year post from me. At 6 p.m. on the 3rd of January. And 'cuz y'all know I'm not the happy marshmallows type and need to balance out all the happiness in the world with... well, me... there will be no happy bunnies and marshmallows in this New Year post. yesh.

Came across this supercool poster at I Am Still Alive recently:

"The Seven Rules of Astronomy", by Jody Avirgan and Noah Rauch. Cool shit which me likey very much.

So me was inspired to make my own Seven Rules poster:

"The Seven Rules of My Life", by yours truly.

Well, at least that's what 2008 felt like at any rate. Looking back, it was just another year of my life in which I accomplished absolutely nothing..... 'cept like, not die. And maybe discover that I has a leeeetle bit of Photoshop skillz. Where do I apply to Photoshop my way through life?

So here's to another year of the same shit. With enough luck, at least I'll have more interesting shit to blog about when I plant my fatass in another continent a couple months later.

Happy 2009 y'all.