Sunday, January 25, 2009

go shawty it's your birthday

On this random day, a random friend of mine turns a year older, wiser, calmer, randomer and more poser. *throws confetti* Yes random person I know you probably expecting this post :P

The most unlikely friend I ever expected to make, she has had an influence on my life the way only a random person can. She comes up with the randomest shit in which the only appropriate (and available) response is 'er', calls at the randomest times like when I'm sleeping, drags me to the randomest places, swears at me about 50 times a day, corrupts my innocent self with... um, a lot of random stuff... she's poles apart from me to the extent I sometimes have no earthly idea why we can stand each other, yet she has turned out to be the rare someone who understands me inside out and one of the few people I trust and cherish the most.

So to the one who knows me best... Thank you for
making my life more interesting this past half year
making me appreciate the things that I have
cracking my shell for the me inside
being by my side when I lost my missing pieces
and most importantly, just being a great friend :)

Happy birthday Jovial ;)


.Jovial. said...

zomg..i nearly teared to your have been a really great friend to me too and zomg editing my pics makes me look more cunner. HOHOHOHO

I miss you so much ya know..but that doesnt mean u can run away with my pressie...HEHEHEHEHE

thanks alot for everything. for being my friend. for being there for me, thou u may be my number 2 in my heart after JEffrey..i mean u konw i know lah..and i will keep on saying NOOOOOOOO...

I will love you like how i love him..and i love you so much. :)
I cherish our friendship. and thank you once again for being Fresh :D


p/s : do u want some lingerie during your bday? i think i can bring em and visit u over at liverpool HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
fcking random.

frEsh said...

1. who the hell do u suggest i wear the lingerie for?
2. since u finally acknowledged what i knew all along i.e. me=no.2, no more free photoshopping pics for u. nyak.
3. aww... u nearly teared? that's so sweet. but that means i lose to obama :(