Saturday, January 3, 2009

new year same shit

Because I'm always late to the party... here's the mandatory blogger's New Year post from me. At 6 p.m. on the 3rd of January. And 'cuz y'all know I'm not the happy marshmallows type and need to balance out all the happiness in the world with... well, me... there will be no happy bunnies and marshmallows in this New Year post. yesh.

Came across this supercool poster at I Am Still Alive recently:

"The Seven Rules of Astronomy", by Jody Avirgan and Noah Rauch. Cool shit which me likey very much.

So me was inspired to make my own Seven Rules poster:

"The Seven Rules of My Life", by yours truly.

Well, at least that's what 2008 felt like at any rate. Looking back, it was just another year of my life in which I accomplished absolutely nothing..... 'cept like, not die. And maybe discover that I has a leeeetle bit of Photoshop skillz. Where do I apply to Photoshop my way through life?

So here's to another year of the same shit. With enough luck, at least I'll have more interesting shit to blog about when I plant my fatass in another continent a couple months later.

Happy 2009 y'all.

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Joe ~ Princesa said...

Hey pretty,

haha, thanks for tryin' so hard to look for my crap (i. e. blog)...
Happy 2009 to you too!!

Cool seven Rules!! Rock!!