Tuesday, January 20, 2009

yes we can

Its 10 p.m. as I'm typing this, I'm sitting for the last paper in my Advanced Diploma life in about 11 hours, and what am I doing?

I'm streaming Obama's big inauguration shindig live from CNN with Facebook (damn cool wei!). T.T OK so I'm studying at the same time lah but how many people do you know who're so selamba on the eve of their exams. I scare myself sometimes. But it's like, totally historical and all, so I've got an excuse :P

Speaking of which, I just discovered the dude behind Obama's highly-anticipated inaugural speech (and all his other angels-are-singing-and-flowers-are-blooming-like speeches) - Jon Favreau. He's only like 27 (!!), and sooo damn cute can die zomg. The youngest speechwriter in the White House ever, worked for Sen. John Kerry right out of college and now for the President of the United freakin' States of America. I am so crushing on him. lol. On another random note: why is Anderson Cooper not covering the inauguration?! =(

Ah well. Studying it is. Oh wait I can waste more time by showering first. ngek.

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