Tuesday, March 10, 2009

bow to the awesomeness

Class starts again in 6 hours 40 minutes. boohoo.

Screw class. Look at these:

1. 1,474 MP Presidential Inauguration Photograph by David Berman (via Hypebeast)
Yeah, I didn't know 1,474 megapixel cameras existed either. Click and zoom click and zoom you must click and zoom all the way in. My 7.1 megapixel Canon point-and-shoot is pissing its pants in fear.

2. Nina Ricci Heelless shoes (via the.LIFE FILES)

These shoes are made for... well, I dunno what they're made for but I sure ain't walking in those. Posh could so pull off one of these tho.

And my favourite...

3. Public Enemies trailer
This is on my list of must-watch movies of 2009. Because both Johnny Depp and Christian Bale are in there. OK, OK so that's my inner fangirl talking but HELLO it's Johnny Depp. And Christian Bale. Two of the hottest and most talented actors ever. I'm getting excited just thinking about it.

I like baseball, movies, good clothes, fast cars, and you. What else d'you need to know?

- Johnny Depp as John Dillinger


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