Friday, March 20, 2009


Gosh I haven't been properly emofied for some time huh. But slightly emofied it is. It has finally hit me that yesterday would really have been the last time I step foot into college as a student there.

Disclaimer: Stupendously boring ramblings ahead.

I'll be honest, I didn't really take to the KL campus when I first came, just 'cuz the whole vibe it has was waaay different from the nice and chillax thing we had going on in Penang. We had less.... bleargh... food back there (I'm looking at you, Canteen 2). And the KL campus was too damn big for my liking 'cuz like I was a spoilt brat back in the comparatively puny but cozy Penang campus. I mean, it has all of two main blocks, but we'd still whine like nobody's business if our classes started in one block and ended in the other. So I'd drive and park my car at the other block if that happened 'cuz God forbid I'd have to torture myself by walking the extra distance of the equivalent of... maybe from Block V to the sports complex to get to my car after class.

But yeah. This place has really grown on me after 2 years. Despite the oftentimes hysteria-inducing assignments, I really have had a blast all this time thanks to all the people I've gotten to know and love during my time here. Y'all know who y'all are ;)

So it goes without saying I'm kinda bummed my college life here is finito. There'll be
no more getting lost on campus like freshies even after 2 years
no more cursing my way up to Block V which had to be the one on the highest goddamn hill in college
no more falling asleep during classes
no more skipping classes to fall asleep
no more aimless wandering around between classes
no more endless gossiping about friends/lecturers/anything at all, really
no more 3-hour long yamcha/dinner sessions with 300 grandmother stories to tell
no more spontaneous after-class shopping frenzies with friends
no more movie tix discounts for student IDs
no more passing out for 10 hours a day just because I can
no more slaving over assignments without sleep the day before and... uh... OK that's a lie. I am totally gonna continue this excellent habit of mine in Liverpool.

And when I come back from my all-too-short stint there, it'll be...

I am so gonna miss this place. sighs.


Lydia said...

EH, still gt movie tics discount dear..
our ID is valid till May u knw.. hahaa..
If you nvr tell nobody would know..

fresh said...

hahahahaha true true. so we can still get discounts for shopaholic huh? :P

Josephine Ng said...

you two...haha yeahh... gonna miss TARC huh despite all those crazy moments...keke

fresh said...

yalor... sighs. *ponders future, is emo*