Sunday, March 15, 2009

no one ever really dies at sunburst

ZOMG kill me now kill me now kill me nowwww.

"What is it this time," you roll your eyes and say. Well what is it is that Sunburst KL '09 is happening in 5 days.

I kinda knew it was happening sometime around now, but I was just like uhhuh okay Sunburst yay. Until I (just only) found out that friggin' N.E.R.D. is coming.

N.E.R.D. okay. N.E.R.D. I am a nerdy nerd who loves N.E.R.D. "So go to the bloody Sunburst thing lah dei," you roll your eyes again and say. And I would so gladly run to the 1U ticketing counter as fast as my stubby legs would take me to get a ticket, but one of those goes at a 'What Recession?' price of RM 200. And as all of you who read my blog probably know by now, I am always toodamnbroke for any of this stuff. As I said, kill me now.

It's bad enough that I missed the Jabbawockeez when they came for the MTV Asia Awards last year, now I have to miss N.E.R.D. too. Pharrell Williams in particular. I've had a crush on him since like, 2007 or something and now that he's finally gonna be within 100km of me I cannot go and see him. Where is the justice in that you tell me zomg why am I not Bill Gates' god-daughter.

*sighs very melodramatically* I am going on a self-declared strike from journal-reading and going to sleep now. But.








P.S.: That Spongebob tee is so cool.


denise said...

teehee. but i dont really like the lineup lo. last year's was better. n.e.r.d or no n.e.r.d. hmph. i want coldplay.

fresh said...

aiya u always want coldplay wan lah. lol. i dont really care about the other people lo actually. i juz wanna see pharrell but apparently he might not even be coming. but if he comes in the end i will kill myself.

Lydia said...

Eh, u really wanna go see him?
Gt job at Sunburst. work thr, no need to pay for the fact they pay u. :)
Cuz i was just browsing through jobs. it's a promoter job.

fresh said...

i ain't tall enough or pretty enough for anything. emo.