Sunday, March 1, 2009

no more mozzies

Rahrahrah I'm back in KL peopleeee. Just so whoever cares knows.

So ends my supremely uneventful hiatus back in my mosquito-infested hometown. OK maybe it wasn't that uneventful... For all y'all who weren't trapped in Penang with me, calling me, leaving me love poems on Facebook, or otherwise contacting me, I got myself like the first real job I ever had in my life. And it was in retail, no less. Please proceed with the gasps. 9 days of working as a promoter for 12 hours is really not something a princess like me would ideally be doing, but I was boooooored. So now I'm like so proud of myself for not quitting on the second day (with the help of my... er... support group :D), and also so sad that my salary is gonna last me all of 3 minutes before something shiny in Pavilion catches my eye. sighs.

Yeah, that was about it for my entire 1 month break. Oh and maybe this round-Penang-we-go trip which turned out to be me and my friends eating our way across the island, ending up at a club where we all get lansi-like and start on how KL clubs are better yada yada. Nothing much this photo album won't tell you. See if you can find the one where everyone starts bashing my parking/driving skills.

Ahhh. Me iz feeling balanced now that I'm back with BFF, an Internet connection that doesn't make me suicidal, and some much-needed solitude. I iz also about to pass out now, but before that, some final random thoughts:

1. I'mbrokeI'mbrokeI'mbroke
2. IneedajobIneedajobIneedajob
3. YAY for Heath Ledger's posthumous Best Supporting Actor Oscar (yalah I'm slow blame my sucky Internet at home)
4. Why do people wear Crocs again?

*passes out*


.Jovial. said...

BALANCED BACK WITH BFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ho! so honoured u monkey funkey..are we gona ride on unicorns ?!! fly fly fly

frEsh said...

wtf is with u and the unicorns??
luv ya too but can u be like, honoured some other way?