Thursday, April 9, 2009

confused, conflicted, confuzzled

The title kinda says it all, really.

Going to UK is turning out to be not quite as fun as I imagined, due to some things that I just only started thinking about. Yeah, it is totally so very late to start thinking about stuff but what to do. I'm slow like that sometimes.

So for the past week or so I've been pondering the same things over and over again without ever coming to a resolution. My thought process, if put to paper, would resemble an utterly demented flowchart which looks something like this (click to make beeg):

Heh. As you can see, all signs point to NO. But as anyone who has known me for more than 6 hours will attest to, I've always wanted to invade some country in the EU, or the States, for an extended period (preferably for the rest of my life) like forever. And I just feel that I owe it to myself to at least do something so that I can walk away saying I tried. But every time I think about this my brain goes into a noodlefied state as shown in the lower right corner of the above chart... and I don't exactly have oodles of time left to make decisions. le sigh.

This is not working. At all. I think I need tarot cards.


thomasting said...

hahah, nice!

do you read graphjam btw?

fresh said...

thanks! :D and oh yessss i read graphjam. now that u mention it... this looks graphjam worthy, no? T.T

Joe ~ Princesa said...


Thanks for the comment and I saw some photos of press clippings and sponsorship booklet in Facebook. That must be your hardwork!

And come on, get a good plan and stay at UK as long as you can, and yeah, why not, stay there for the rest of your life as you said. Get a nice job and a nice Brit there. Haha...

Keep in touch girl:)

fresh said...

thanks joe! i was really hoping to stay there but looks like that's not gonna happen now. well... thanks for the encouragement anyway... hehe..