Monday, April 6, 2009

meaningless restlessness

Graaaaah. This hot weather is cooking my brains into a useless mush of stoopid. There's this restless feeling buzzing about me but I can't figure out why I'm feeling so restless and how to stop it. And I'm soooo bloody unmotivated to do something productive, like post on that goddamned papan hitam or logging my reads. Whatever. If anyone dares to suggest that e-learning is easy 'cuz like you don't even have to attend class physically or any shit like that, I swear I will hack at your neck with a tray.

I'm also supposed to be back in Penang since I have absolutely nothing to do here but but but I just don't wanna go back. I think I'm just afraid to acknowledge the reasons for my not wanting to go back. sighs. So not making sense wtf.

My poor dompet is also falling apart. And with the power of random clicks I've found replacements for it... if only I had the cash. T.T My brokeness is gonna overtake emo as the central theme of my blog soon. agh.

Comme Des Garcons Color Embossed Zip Wallet, $154

Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Billfold, $158

So prettyyyy. So expensive T.T And so lacking a thingy for photos :( Guess it just wasn't meant to be, my pretties.

*resumes quest for replacement dompets*

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