Friday, April 17, 2009

what do you do

What do you do
when you know something somewhere has gone wrong but you don't know what it is
when you wanna fix something broken but don't know where to start
when you hope to wake up to something new every day but everything remains the same
when you couldn't care less about the things that should matter
when you can't let go of the things that shouldn't matter anymore
when you have so many decisions to make with so many choices
when you finally have all the answers yet can't bring yourself to act on them
when you see so many expectations and know not if you can live up to them
when you wanna let it all out but nobody's there to listen
when you are surrounded by people yet you feel so alone
when you see that time is slipping away and your life is passing you by
when your past is but a disconnect, your present is but a blur, and your future holds no answers

What do you do?


denise said...

I would talk bout this to a friend over a cup of coffee.

Jom Starbucks.


Sineu said...

Count me in too! XD

fresh said...

deniseeeee. you manyak busy wor or so sineu says. when will you be freeee =(
and sineu always watching footie HAHA