Monday, April 27, 2009

when life gives you lemons...

Please, everyone, remember: Thou shalt not leaveth thy network unsecured, or some desperate Internetless loon like yours truly shalt exploiteth thy unsecured WiFi network. Oh and thank you, 'linksys', whoever thou may be. teehee.

Before succumbing to temptation and stealing WiFi though, I was watching 30 Rock to help numb the pain of living without an Internet connection. And strangely enough, about 5 episodes into Season 1, I realised:

OMG. I am Liz Lemon. Liz Lemon is me... in about 15 years. Look, I already have the curls (actually I've got twice as much hair already) and I have glasses that sorta match too! Okay so Lemon's about 400% hotter than me but still... Season 1 of 30 Rock is reminding me of my life. Very strongly. And also eerily similar to what I think I'd be like in my 30's if life keeps going on the same track it is right now. *cringe*

Let's see... Liz Lemon's character traits, according to Wikipedia:
  • College-educated (check!)
  • Single-and-pretending-to-be-happy-about-it (check!)
  • Overscheduled and undersexed (I imagine it's gonna be a big, fat check too...)
  • Typically appears in casual, gender-neutral attire (check!)
  • Worn glasses since she was four or five (check!!)
  • Something of a geek (Beginner geek I is)
  • Skilled writer (I'd like to think that'd be a check :D)
  • Socially challenged (check T.T)
  • Sardonic sense of humour (check check check!)
  • Stress eater (Uh no. Stress shopper maybe)
  • Strong aversion to unfairness (check! But I'm not gutsy enough to do anything 'bout it like Lemon)
  • Weakness for maternal instincts (NOOO. The only big NO on this list)
  • Likely a Democrat (check! I'd totally be a Democrat if I was American)
  • Major Star Wars fan (unfortunately no check)
  • Really unlucky in love (check, check and check again)
Hmm. 12 out of 15... pretty close. I'm well on my way to being Lemonised. But... being Lemonised is not that bad right? Right? Even though she's always having excuses for being in a rut and has no personal life and is extraordinarily unlucky sometimes... she's still pretty successful and all... right?

sighs. Fresh Lemon needs ZARA warehouse sales NOW. =(


Sineu said...

Harlo Fresh Lemon! Now get back to the script, would ya?

Jack Eunaghy

fresh said...

you're not the boss of me, jack eun... OMG tracy jordan's cobra is on the loose, brb!