Monday, May 4, 2009

There's something about moving that always throws me off balance for a while. So this post might sound kinda weird like. Or maybe I'm just a spoilt princess. Anyhoo, for all y'all that I haven't been pestering these 2 days (or aren't my roomie -.-), I've moved!

I'm still trying not to unconsciously walk into the wrong apartment, but in the meantime... I miss my old apartment and all the people in it SO SO VERY MUCH T.T Yes, all 8 of you, past and present. I know I play favourites but heyyy I really do love you guys okay. Who I gonna yell at in Hokkien now? =(

And this was my view for 2 years. Also my favourite spot to be Super Emo Girl. Nice, I know. Don't hate *coughSinEucough* :P

One thing that hasn't changed tho...

Where I go, my mess goes with me. This is my desk... on a good day. But hey, they say a messy desk is a sign of genius right?

Oh and roomie, if you have any reason why I shouldn't do something about the ungodly amount of sunlight in our room, speak now or forever hold your peace. I'm sorry I forgot to tell you you were getting a vampiric princess as a roomie.


There's still so much I need to do before leaving for UK. I'm starting to panic a wee bit now.


D, the 'pact' we made yesterday was an epic fail. For me anyway. I is repenting now... over Gossip Girl. T.T


I have to stream now. And I will die. I can has downloads pleez?! =(


denise said...

i just realised i do not need facebook to be unproductive. fuck ok back to work.

fresh said...

it is an honour to be your... er... reason for unproductivity? lulz.

nuclear said...

after me, elaine and shzeli move out separate ways... i got no one to talk to in hokkien anymore.. T.T what if my hokkien "char ki an chua???" hahaah...

fresh said...

takpe michie!! u still have meee. hehehe. u can always call them and practice mer =)

mich said...

ahhahah.. call them n practice??? LOL!!!!