Sunday, June 14, 2009

settling in with the scousers

I rather expected that this post would've come about 2 weeks ago with the first sentence going something like 'ZOMG!!1! I AM IN LIVERPOOL LIAO'... but I guess running around and taking pics all the time wipes one out pretty fast. So here's to my first blog post in a foreign land =)

But before commencing with the gushing... the bad stuff first. I. DO. NOT. LIKE. THE. EFFING. WIND. HERE. I guess I'm lucky that at least we don't have hail over here (hi Thomas! :P) but still. I cannot has layers of blubber like seals do okay. I swear the freakin' wind + generally low temperatures around here's made me feel even more shriveled and malnourished than I already am. Which brings me to the point of always feeling hungry T.T We cook and we snack and we snack some more but everything we eat just... evaporates in a coupla minutes. Curse you Tesco for making us shop there about twice a week.

And the walking. God the walking. The uni's buildings are scattered all over the city, and so the poor mass comm people just had to be the ones to have to walk 30-40 minutes to class every day. Add a handful of uphill sections in the walk and a generous serving of moderately strong to I'mma-blow-your-ass-straight-off gusts of wind every 10 seconds into the mix, and hey look you have a bunch of mass comm students shivering and cursing their way to class.

But despite all of that, I absolutely love this place. I felt right at home the minute I stepped foot in this city, and I hear I'd love Manchester or London even more. Some of my favourite things to do here which I wouldn't/couldn't do back in Malaysia are

taking a walk with a coupla friends around random places
taking a walk by myself to just absorb the city
going shopping (of course) and finding really cool stuff that's in my size/stuff not available in Malaysia
looking for new parks to visit
stumbling across random courtyards/corners/anything while walking around
just chilling somewhere quiet on a sunny day
taking pictures on a sunny day and Photoshopping the hell out of them.

Good thing we're located in the city centre though, cuz the outskirts are kinda dodgy but the city centre is ♥. So many people, and so many colours. I just wish I had a DSLR to capture everything but sigh. I guess my lil' Ixus has served me well most of the time...

The prettiest shot (and my personal favourite) of Liverpool I have so far! *bangga* :P With the help of my best friend Ms. Photoshop of course.

And this shot of Wavertree Park comes in a close second =)

If you so wish you can catch up with the other boatloads of Liverpool and Chester photos on my Facebook. Pics of London coming up soon after my trip there next weekend ZOMG I'm so excited :D