Saturday, August 22, 2009


are always the hardest when you have to say it to places where you've left a piece of you behind.

How do you leave a place which makes you happy just to wake up to a sunny morning

a place which replaces your cynical, jaded eyes with a sense of childlike wonder

or a place that simply feels like home after spending even the briefest moments there?

The worst part about going back is not the passing sense of nostalgia towards a place where fun times were had

but the fear that the peace and contentment I've had throughout the past 85 days will never be found again, because in its place will be the all too familiar feeling of frantic searching for that place where I am truly happy.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

how (not) to complete a 1500 word essay

Sunday, 2 August. 1 day before deadline
1030 - Wake up. Get real motivated to start assignment "real early".
1200 - Still on Gizmodo.
1230 - Lunchtime. Must give self some "rest" while eating.
1400 - Urban Outfitters has some really nice stuff...
1530 - Start blasting music that D deems crap. Start reading journals.
1545 - Facebook is SO interesting.
1630 - A short nap would be nice...
1730 - Back to journals.
1800 - 2200 - Read journals. Facebook. Ebay. ooomg leather bags. All Saints. Who's that outside the window? Journals. Strawberries. Bejeweled.
2200 - OMG Facebook says my friends have finished but I have no intro yet OMG
2300 - 1 paragraph done. Rest.

Monday, 3 August. Deadline.
0400 - 3 out of 6 paragraphs done. McCoy's chips help me celebrate
0500 - Sunrise. 4 out of 6 paragraphs done. I WANT TO DIEEEE
0530 - Why didn't I start 5 days ago? *facepalm*
0615 - Done. Stagger to bed.
0700 - Good morning sunshine. Time for class T.T

9 more days like this to go in the month ahead. Whoopdeedoo.

The world according to kitty is a very nice one. I want to go to there.

Saturday, August 1, 2009